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I saw a SF Chronicle article on it a few years ago. I think they had one wine, and the lady on the label had, er, more cleavage than the current crop does. But then again, the current models are breast cancer survivors. Pretty cool.

But, honestly, having lost friends and relatives to breast cancer, I hope they make a Double D cupful of money.

Anybody ever try one?
Well, may be I'm wrong, but I don't think the link between breast cancer and wine, or the lack thereof, has been established. So this campaign is almost along the same lines as:

Let's raise money for Anorexia by being vegetarians for a day, or;
Let's raise money to educate the illiterate by having a TV auction, or;
Let's raise money for domestic violence with a celebrity boxing match between Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc...

Big Grin
Originally posted by spo:
Originally posted by tanglenet:
It seems rather odd to me that for him to "celebrate" his wife, he has pictures of other women with large mammary glands on the bottles.

Sometimes it is comforting, or arousing, to think of other women than the one you are with.

I agree. But the one that he WAS with, is deceased.

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