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HSS 1999
Insignia 1997

With either aged NY Strips or aged prime rib.

Suggestions for all of the above combinations?

How many people involved? The 97 Insginia would be my first choice, although I have no personal experience but just from reading others reviews. Sounds like a good evening. Are you BBQing?
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Are you BBQing?

steak is not BBQ.... although Steak is awesome when it is grilled.

You must understand, thirsty, that "BBQ" North of the 48th parallel has no connection to the acronym South of the Mason-Dixon Line. Two different things. BBQ up here is grilling.

What you boys do down there does not exist too much up here in these parts. Wink

I actually learned that not long ago when I mentioned on a phone call with w+a that I was "bbq'ing" that day. He asked me to please describe what I was referring to. That was followed by raucous laughter....I got the point. Red Face Big Grin
Wow. Now that sounds like a tough choice.

You certainly can't go wrong with either wine; they're both at the point where they've got some of the subtleties of maturity and concentrated fruit.

When it comes to the meat, once again both the aged NY Strips or the aged prime rib would be great. Just go easy on the salt, which could boost the tannins and stick to savory sides like mushrooms and avoid sweet fruit-based sides that could mute the fruit.

And, while you're contemplating the feast, here are a couple videos I shot with the Shafers (man, was it hot and sunny) and a couple videos from the 2006 Wine Experience that include Phelps Insignia 2002, which was Wine Spectator's Wine of the Year in '05.

Shafer Vineyards: A Family Winery

Shafer: Waiting is the Hardest Part from the 2006 harvest

Phelps Insignia: Wine of the Year for 2005

Tasting Phelps Insignia 2002 at the Wine Experience


... As for grilling vs. BBQ, I grew up in Boston and used the terms interchangeably. I don't make that mistake any more, now that I'm married to a guy from Kansas. Last Friday night, a canceled plane stranded us in Memphis -- and we headed right for Corky's BBQ and ate an unbelievable amount of ribs (wet and dry), pulled pork and beef. When in Memphis...
Originally posted by KSC02:
You must understand, thirsty, that "BBQ" North of the 48th parallel has no connection to the acronym South of the Mason-Dixon Line. Two different things. BBQ up here is grilling.

Unless used in conjunction with the word "sauce".
I agree with most others suggesting you open the 97 Insignia. I think a mature Napa red (I know it is only 13 years but in CA that is considered aged!) pairs nicely with prime rib.

Maybe I'm just dreaming about the 1992 Dominus I had with a beautifully-cooked prime rib but man it was a match made in heaven!
I've had the 97 Insignia about 10 times over the last 5-8 years. It's a wonderful wine that has drunk well from the get-go. I don't think it's improving, but I don't think it's on the decline either. I'm saving my last 2 bottles in case I'm wrong about the improving thing. Smile
97 Insignia definitely. Just popped an 01 Insignia tonight. More developed that I would have thought. Drinking nicely but nothing extraordinary. Ever since 03, though, they've moved to a much more concentrated and heavier oaked wine. Good or bad? Who knows. 02 seemed to be the in between year for the style of wine they were making then and now.
open the Insignia only because it will be over the hill before the HSS.

I cannot speak for the Insignia but I can speak for the Hillside Select. I just opened up a bottle of 99' about a week ago and I think its ready to drink now. If anything its starting to loose its luster. Its very smooth but the fruit is gone and it had more of a cedary, chocolate flavor but I could not detect the berry, plum and blackberry that I enjoy from Hillside. I enjoy a more younger Hillside with a few tannins left. I have one more bottle that I might drink sometime before Christmas. It seems that JL also thinks this wine is going downhill because he downgraded the score from 97 to 94 and recommended drink by 2013. I drank it before a bottle of 2007 Caymus Cabernet and I actually enjoyed the Caymus Cab much better.

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