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The most recent WA has an updated vintage chart. I found the vintage chart interesting for 2 reasons.

First, over the last 25 years included in the WA ratings, the highest score any year has gotten was 92 points in 1989. That seems odd to me. Isn't the purpose of a vintage chart to compare the overall quality of the wines between years? If so, some years must stand out more than others. A top score of 92 seems artificially low.

Second, the vintage rating for 2002 is only 90 points. Having tried many wines from this vintage, including most of the very top wines in the Loire, it is my opinion that 2002 must be considered an outstanding to classic vintage. 90 points underrates this vintage in my opinion. WS's rating of 93 for 2002 white wines from the Loire is closer to my impression.

Any other opinions out there?

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I'm no expert (most especially with the Loire) seems the Loire is such a big region (the Atlantic to the Auvergne), and a wide variety of types of wine, and, from what I understand, oceans of wine that is indifferently made that classic type scores are almost impossible to justify for a big region.

For example, just like Beaujolais will never score a 100, neither will a Muscadet, no matter how perfect it is in its own context or how great a match it is with scallops.

Then, even if there are great producers like some of the Quarts de Chaume winemakers, you've got the Chateau Musar syndrome - and you'll never see the Lebanon region get high 90's either. The great wines just underline how difficult they are to find amongst the zillions of mediocre wines, and in essence, reinforce the underperformance of the region with the gulf betweeen the great and the rest.

Anyways, those vintage ratings are just overall and a very rough guide. It will keep the prices down on the wines you like too. I've noticed that I am quite fond of lots of 2001 red Burgs (a variably rated vintage), and they have remained relatively cheap especially in the context of 1999, 2002, and 2003.

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