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My wife and I had perhaps our best dinner yet at this restaurant this weekend. I love that place! We were engaged there almost 10 years ago.

Any Michigan folks, if you haven't been there before, I highly recommend it. On another note, we had a three course meal for $25 each there....a "stimulus special" that is currently offered there.
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Tapawingo, is the BEST rest in that part!
but it does come with a price !!!!
the wine list is better!
but we have been eating at both place's for a very long time! my fatherinlaw worked with
the owner of tap! at Ford!
they are not equals.
an as i have worked up their for years! an still have a place in Harbor Springs!
yes i own 75 ac on lake mich!
an it prime!
You know, we have never gone to the Tap. Every time we go up north, we always fall back on the Rowe because we are never left wanting after dining there. I've never heard a bad thing about the Tap, however! We do prefer a more casual setting, though. We go up there to relax.

Bez, we own wooded acreage next to Torch Lake in Alden--but not waterfront!! Maybe one day... Frown we are thinking about building a little vacation home there after selling some. Harbor Springs is beautiful...longer drive though!
Apropos of nothing, we had a cottage on Lake George about halfway between Clare and Harrison when I was a kid, and I spent all my summers there until I started getting summer jobs.

A big night out would be supper at the Carriage House in Harrison, buying some pies made at a Mennonite bakery, a lesser night out would be pizza using salt-rising dough made at a different bakery.

And every summer we'd visit Interlochen where I'd play golf.

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