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Hi all wine lovers!

I work as a product designer for a big wine cabinet brand here in Scandinavia. As a designer, I think it's the most important to understand user needs to optimize a good product to create the best wine- journey and experience. I also think it's important and also fun to co-create with users. That's why I'm writing in this forum, in hope to hear you as enthusiasts and experts what you are missing with today's wine fridges/cabinets and how you would like to optimize your wine experience. All from shopping the wine to serving/pairing.

I hope you don't find this inappropriate och going against any rules, but a way to start interesting conversations between us and you wine lovers in between.

My main question is:
If you ignore all the technical- and price constraints - how would your perfect wine cabinet be?
You can comment and discuss all from material- and color choices, a smart-wine appliance that could place music and adjust the light according to the wine you're drinking, an app to support bottle management, an appliance that would order wine for you, and usage of technologies like IoT, smart homes, connected appliances, AR, VR... you name it. Sky's the limit.

There's absolutely no right or wrong answers and no comments or ideas are stupid! I'm really looking forward to read your comments and discussions

Thank you so much in advance, I wish you guys a great summer.

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My interests are mostly utilitarian. 

Glass doors, nice wood finish, maybe optional internal lighting in the cabinet, a compromise between maximum efficiency and maximum ease of bottle removal and identification. Perhaps drawers that are meant for 2 layers of bottles would work for me. If we’re talking about a complete setup, I would also want to be able to store ~24 bottles at around 42F or if really ideal, maybe 12+ bottles at 40F and 24+ bottles at about 48F. In addition to the rest stored at 55F, obviously. (It wouldn’t be possible to do this while attempting near maximum storage efficiency, but in the ideal world I would be able to adjust the temperature row by row and do so remotely via smart phone.)  I’m not interested in “smart” anything, really.  I would want it available in +/- 220, +/- 440, and maybe +/-660 bottle capacities.  

One of my biggest PitA is voice celllar inventory management.  It's too difficult to pop out a laptop.   It would be nice to have a voice enabled cellar to enter or retrieve bottles.

In terms of usage, i'd like two zones, one below 50F and the other at the 55F range.

I also prefer a more stainless steel or black steel frame look as oppose to the ornate wood.

In terms of bottle sizes, it'd be great to  have 10% of the storage for larger sized bottles.

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