Someone suggested that I name next months host a little early to give people more time to procure the selected wine. I was waiting for a few more people to post their notes on my May selection, which was disappointing in quality and level of participation. I really expected the wine to be better and I still think there are 3 or 4 more forumites who tasted it but are holding out.

Anyway, after a few months in Europe and Canada it's time to send the choice south of the border. I'm picking one of the two forumites that I met at my first off-line here back in March. We have gotten together again since then to share a few bottles and I recommend it if he rolls into your town.


I hope you have better luck with your choice than I did with mine.
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Good choice Steve8 - he was on my list as well.

DBW - I'm sure you will make a good choice, with or without the help of a guy called Hillary.*

*If this is too obscure for anybody, including DBW, I was friends with his namesake in England. Said namesake, when enquiring about a consultant called Hillary, could not help but ask "Good looking?"

"If you like that sort of thing," I replied.

"Life! Life: it's not what I thought it was"
Who Me?

Well thank you Steve8! ... been busy with the sons for a day or two and not on the boards, much!

Well, what to pick? It'll probably be red....

Uhhh, Uhhhhh, well give me a sec, will ya?

More Soon!!


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