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The king has informed me that the Millenium Club section of Vino Me's Bar will close to new members 8/31. The secret handshake, plethoric marble engraved antediluvian wine cellar, Mishy's special dance, Jones parchment enscribed TN, Board-O's elves, Latour's computer room, Seaquam's library, jb's clothing around the world store are to remain off limits to nonmembers.

The good news is that the Bimellenium Club will open January 1 2003 to all members who qualify. Happy posting.


To the newest member

Many hits, mostly unrecognized by major media, except for major team job change in midcareer.
Few homeruns
Consistent run scorer at all levels
Many walks, in fact walked all the way to 1000-nicknamed the "Hare" vs LCC's "the Tortoise"
First member from retirement community
Little fanfare-just did his job


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Ah.....just as well..I may make 1k this time next year...Oh..wait, maybe I can start a poll and post an on-going tabulation! Let's see, we've done "what state are you from", "how old are you", "how many bottles are in your cellar" and ..oh yes.."what is the varietal composition of your collection", I about level of formal education completed(too personal..?), or, ummm....I know, Coke or Pepsi?
Count me for Pepsi!
Let's see..I'll be at 1,000 by midnight, August 30th..yeah, that's it....August 30th.
PE [Wink]

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Pepsi (2)
Coke (0)

I'm actually hooked on that Diet Pepsi Twist stuff. LOVE it in the morning! Just the kickstart I need.

Well this is a drag! I was looking forward to sidling up to Vino Me's bar and ordering a double shot of some really good agave, then browsing Seaq's library for the smutty magazines we all know are there. Shucks! Now I'll have to wait until I'm even older and by then you all will have moved the limbo bar even higher (lower? well - you get my meaning). Classic changing the rules to keep the riff-raff out! [Razz]
...and yet another from the wine slugging state of Joysey nominated into the hall

Many hits, though the last few seasons were what seemed to be an eternity
Took lots of extra bases, the secret of which he learned that at a young age
Many homers, a true slugger, respected for power more than finesse
Lots of wines and runs batted in
Part of that Joysey Murderers Row sic jb,lcc
Somewhat media shy, resulting in prolonged disappearances from the limelight and run ons of many of the same lines, all without capitals

I give you

Put me down for the opening in CA. Hell, if I can telecommute from Louisville to Atlanta, I can surely handle the cyber-jet lag to the Left Coast.
Consider this my 1,000 post resume and application.

Position Applied For: Wine Geek

Job Description: Select and drink from a wide array of previously unknown and not to be found wines; demand that others do the same on their own dime, and excoriate those who don't share my views.

Previous Experience: None really, I've picked all this up from magazines. Hell, I don't even own a corkscrew!

Favorite Wine: Any wine that tics off Mishy and Vitis, preferably a Malbec. [Wink]

Favorite Pastime: Covering the labels on my vast collection of Gallo white-label chardonnay w/fake Kistler McCrae Vineyard labels.

Person I Most Admire on this UBB: Keith Scott.

Reason: Any guy who can read thru 66 postings of depricating humor in regards to his life and employment without a single retort is alot more open-minded than we'll ever know.

Things I'll do to make my job successful:

1. Get over the fact that few people read my elongated TN's. That's OK - I don't read yours, either [Big Grin] !
2. Find out what happened to latour. Stemor, I'm coming to Memphis real soon and we'll drink our way to the bottom of this [Eek!] .
3. Note to self: Never let DaveMCI volunteer me for anything EVER AGAIN!!! [Wink]
4. Attend more on-line off-lines - lots of [Cool] people out there.
5. Try to be more opinionated. If there's one thing I've learned since my 1st post, people here really love a know-it-all!
6. Expense out the damage to Dr. T's house. Sorry about the razor-brimmed hat thing, man...
7. Find a way to get my 'Displayed Name' changed. I'm growing weary of being named after a porta-potty. (What the hell was I thinking? [Mad] )

In closing:
I hope that my next 1,000 posts are as witty, fact-filled, open-minded, fun, and in the same
'ya just can't put 'em down' fashion, just like the first 1,000 posts. [Big Grin] Can I start tomorrow?

BTW - what's the secret handshake? [Wink]
Congrats. Did you know you can bring a date into the Millenium Room, club, thingy?
That's how I get in. It is so cool. A little stuffy and you can't get a word in edgewise, but that's what makes you all so special. Wines are excellent. Service is snap-to.
Board-O, can't you auction off some of your posts? Ebay, maybe? Some are truly collector items.
I, for one, wish I could pull off Jules' trick.
Kinda like golf... [Cool]

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