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Wine: 2003 Marcassin Blue Slide Ridge Vineyard

This wine is a monument to what a wine can be when everything falls into place. 3 years ago I acquired for my 40th bday 2 bottles of Marcassin. One chard and this bottle. The only stipulation was that it be opened when my father was present. My dad and his girlfriend/partner visited me and my wife for the Thanksgiving weekend. We opened this on Wednesday evening. I decided to pop and pour rather than decant.

This is utterly complex, full bodied and sexy and light on its feet with GOBS of black fruit that you rarely get in a pinot. The finish is off the charts. 50-60 seconds long. What is so amazing is this wine is not heavy handed but also full bodied at the same time. Truly great pinots are seamless when you try to decipher between when the aroma and taste end and start. The main black and red fruits consisted of black cherry, plum, anise (nose) and a hint of earthy dirt that was on the front, mid and back palate. It is unquestionably California in style with velvety tannins. At the one hour mark the red fruits came flying out of the glass. Strawberry, pomegranate, and some soy on the finish. I kept half an ounce in the glass for smelling purposes all the way through dessert. All 4 of us said "This is the best wine we have tried this year". 98-99pts. Good for another 5-8 years. But why wait? If anyone wants to sell me another bottle of this please let me know.

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Those Marcassins are fantastic. A friend opened two 2004's. Both Blue Slide and Three Sisters were outstanding, with the slight edge to BSR only because of the evolution the wine had from first pour to last. Still my all time favorite was a 2004 William Selyem. Wish I could remember the bottling. Then again it could have been my imagination... quite a few in before that WS was opened.


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