Red wine: Somni (Priorat) Unfiltered, full of fruit and complexity.
Sweet wine: La Cañada (Montilla-Moriles) Concentration and complexity beyond believe
White: Sin Nombre A wine made by Ismael Gozalo, a true genious. This is some kind of top class champagne made from the Verdejo grape.

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Ummmm..... I would not list them as biodynamic eventhough I am sure a lot of biodynamic techniques are applied here. What I mean is that both Alfredo Arribas and Ismael Gozalo and are genious and a genious does things their own way. Their wines should be listed as Alfredo Arribas and Ismael Gozalo.

You might not, but their producers do:

Sin Nombre


Although Spain leads the world in the production of "organic" wine by percentage, it appears that less than 10% of the wine produced in Spain is marketed as biodynamic.  Just seems like an interesting coincidence that 2 of the wines you recommend are biodynamic.

Are you in the business?



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