James, I just wanted to thank you for the very informative 1977 Vintage Port retrospective. I very much enjoyed reading it, and I'm looking forward to your notes on the 1997 ports next week.

I do have one question: I'm sure you tasted the Fonseca more often than just for this tasting. Did you find a large amount of bottle variaton? I've tasted it four times, and each bottle was completely different. In a perfect state, it's an amazing port.
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Ronnie. Thank you! I have not found a lot of bottle variation on the 1977 Fonseca. But I must say that the Port needs a lot of air to show its true potential still. It needs at least two or three hours in the decanter. It's one built for the long term, as I always have said.
Thanks so much for the re-rating of these wines James! I'm about to receive an order of Symington ports and may now get more based on these reviews (like another mag of 77 Gould Campbell for when friends come to visit from the Netherlands.... Wink Big Grin)

Ronnie, the 1997s are now listed and reviewed as well.
Very nice reviews. Too bad about the bad corks on the 97 Niepoort. I bought 2 and both leaked.

I do have a few 77's, including a mag of Dows. Might have to pop one for Christmas or New Year's.
They were posted online this week. Subscribers only though.

RV: The corks of the Niepoort 1997 are indeed troublesome. I've only encountered leaking bottles, and the ones I've tasted were not good. Frown

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