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As you probably know, tomorrow kicks off the 12th Annual Hospice du Rhone. And, if you know about HdR, you're possibly aware that we host an auction of rare Rhone-inspired wines. This year's auction takes place on this Saturday (May 22nd) afternoon.

Well, today Robert Parker kindly asked us to add a very special lot on his behalf...who were we to refuse? The winner of this auction lot and 9 of their best friends (that's right, 10 people total) will enjoy, in Parker's words, "36 bottles of the greatest Rhones from the greatest vintages with the finest cuisine in Maryland."

Here's the drill: on a mutually agreed upon date sometime within 12 months of this Saturday's auction, you and your guests will join Robert Parker for a special dinner at Charleston Restaurant. Bob and Chef Cindy Wolf will create a meal designed around the following wines (Parker's score for each is included in parenthesis for those interested):

Chapoutier Hermitage L’Orée: 1991 (94), 1992 (96), 1994 (99), 1995 (97), 1996 (99), 1997 (98-100), 1998 (99)
Chave Hermitage Blanc: 1990 (92), 1996 (94), 1997 (94), 1999 (94)

Jaboulet Hermitage, “La Chapelle”: 1978 (100), 1979 (90), 1983 (8, 1985 (91), 1989 (96), 1990 (100)
Chapoutier Hermitage “La Pavillon”: 1989 (100), 1990 (100)
Chave Hermitage Rouge: 1989 (95), 1990 (99), 1991 (89), 1995 (95), 1996 (91)

Châteauneuf-du-Papes of the 1998 Vintage:
Janasse V.V. (96)
Marcoux V.V. (100)
Pegau (94)
Sabon Cuvée Prestige (94)
Rayas (94)
Vieux Donjon (95)

Château de Beaucastel: 1989 (97), 1990 (96)
Château de Beaucastel, “Hommage Jacques Perrin”: 1989 (100), 1990 (100)
Château la Nerthe, “Cuvée des Cadettes”: 1998 (96)
Clos du Caillou Reserve: 2000 (99)

The minimum bid for this lot is $15,000. If you have any interest in submitting a bid, you are welcome to email me directly at Please serious inquiries only.

And, if you're interested in reviewing the other auction items available, please check out: HdR Auction Lot

In VIOGNIER Veritas, Mat
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I thought about this some more... and while it seems like a great opportunity, I would think you would develop palate fatigue and be unable to appreciate most of the wines. Not only that, but 30 bottles for 10 people??? Seems like it would be hard to sample them unless you are spitting the entire evening. But still... the palate fatigue. I don't know... never saw the point in tasting so many wines at once. I personally enjoy trying just a couple, a few at most, and focusing on/enjoying the aspects of those wines.


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Originally posted by dr.darkrichandbold:
With a minimum of $15K for a budget, I could put together a pretty fantastic dinner for 9 friends.

The only problem is I wouldn't be able to write if off my taxes! Big Grin Wink


So much little time!!!


Is it not still very tempting to do?

Parker- these wines- it is the world series for a wine geek.

Irrational- maybe-

Big Grin
Charity auctions are just that. You pay a fair price for the wine, then the rest is a donation. However, in this case, you also THEN get to taste some of the best wines ever to come out of the Rhone Valley, and enjoy them with one of the world's foremost experts. A 100 pt wine is a 100 point wine, whether it comes from Bordeaux or the Rhone Valley, or wherever (but not wherever, because there aren't many others). I only wish I had the money to bid.
This sounds like a great lot, BUT

1) Even if I chose to forgo fancy dining for half a year in order to afford the 3k that would cover me and future Mrs. Whiner (at minimum), I still don't have 8 other friends who would be willing to do the same.

2) Has anyone else done the math here? That is over 3 bottles/person. I wouldn't REMEMBER all those wines the next morning.

3) More importantly, if I were going to do something like this, I would buy the wines at auction (I assume the average auction value for these wines is somewhere below $375/bottle) spread it out over two meals, and at those two meals, invite my 8(!) closest food/wine friends to *our* two favorite restaurants. OR...

4) To Hell with my friends, Future Mrs. Whiner and I would be drinking very well over the course of the next year or two.


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