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Dear People

I'm an undergraduate student from Singapore doing research on why Vendange California Wine which was sold in Tetra Prisma package failed in the markets.

Any ideas?

I can get the fact that it's not a chic or sophisticated as bottles, but their cheap and convenient aren't they?

What are the things that you guys are particular about when buying these packaged wine?
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For a start you're asking the wrong people - I expect that few people here have ever tasted Vendange or would consider buying it regardless of packaging.

One reason might be lack of availability - I don't recall seeing it anywhere, although I know my local Safeway carries Vendange in glass bottles.

The second reason might be lack of awareness. If I saw wine in what looked like a juice carton your average shopper would probably say "that's wierd" and buy what I usually buy. They might even assume that it's just grape juice.

The third might be lack of promotion. To launch something novel like that I'd expect to see large displays and probably big initial "Safeway Club" type discounts.

The US hasn't really got the habit of buying wine in cardboard or plastic bottles yet. There's still a steep hill to climb.
Three Theives introduced a white wine in Tetra Pak and it seemed to work but the retail focus was on higher end retail with educated sales people. Vendage, regardless of packaging, would not be able to sell to the same places. A product like this needs awareness and something catchy about it. Well defined target markets are also key. I sold 90% of our X Box to the Seattle and surrounding markets. It ws a fit and went quick. Our strategy is changing for the next release as we are going to focus on on-premise accounts with sharper packaging (brushed metal box instead of cardboard) with bag refills that will also bring the cost down. This has already gone over well and I have had an overwhelming response from some of the finest restaurants in the country. Finding the niche for alternative packaging is the biggest issue now and if you are not ahead of the game, you are behind.

Hope this helps!

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