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We all have different palates. That's a hard fact to convince alot of
drinkers who think the sun rises and sets on America's multi-million
dollar palate in Monkton.

I read in a recent issue of the Washington Post that the folks at have come up with a quiz that determines what types of
wine you might like based upon your taste in salty snacks, soda,
coffee and spirits.

I took the test and my tastes in coffee, snacks and mixed drinks DO
mirror my wine preferences.

My results are as follows:
I prefer dry wines with very low intensity flavor, high fruit, very
low oak, no discernible tannins and low acidity.

Take the test here:

I spent some time deconstructing the test. I will use the questions
and answers to explain to drinkers WHY they like the wines they do and
point new drinkers in the right direction so they don't walk away from
their first few bottles thinking "I hate all wine."

A few takeways:

A love for salty food can mean sensitivity to bitterness.

A tolerance for Gin, Cognac and Scotch can mean the drinker would
enjoy a more intense wine.

Black coffee lovers could prefer dry, intense, oaky, tannic, acidic
wines with low fruit.

Margarita lovers could enjoy a sweeter wine with moderate to high acidity.

Kahlua and Rum and Coke drinkers could enjoy a sweeter wine.

Does the test reflect your preferences?
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Does the test reflect your preferences?

Not really. I drink coffee in the morning, wine at night. Does that matter and does a person have different preferences at different times of the day? I pretty much hate spirits of any type but also enjoy intense wines and wines with high acidity and sweeter wines. It's true people have different palates and it's a fun game, but can't a person really like old aged Barolo and big, over the top zin and sweet rose and dry whites? I was supposed to be a "sensitive" taster but I can easily see enjoying the wines from any place on their list, depending on my mood.
I took the test and found it fairly useless. According to the results I should like intense, oaky wines. Just because I like espresso does not mean I like my wines to taste burnt. In particular the call on oaked Chardonnays was dead wrong.

Intense is fine sometimes, but I drink wine with food. I want the wine to match well. That can be wine from any of the categories listed depending on the food. That can even mean sweeter wines, even though I never drink pop or sweet mixed drinks.
Interesting test, but not really informative as to where I really stand.

I drink coffee every morning.
I drink green tea all day. I mean ALL day.

I enjoy Margaritas, frozen, or otherwise.

I love Martinis. Vodka only, please. Shaken not stirred.

Love salt. Try to avoid it to stay healthier, but salt is good.

Like Kahlua. Hate Gin. Can't afford Cognac.

I think mood and mood have more to do with my choice of wine than any of these items.

What is my favorite wine? The one I'm drinking at the moment.

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