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We have Riedel Vinums and Spiegelau Vino Grandes... burgundy and bordeaux. While they're all excellent, my favorite is Spiegelau Burgundy. Personally, I like the bigger bowl, and the fact that they cost much less... so I don't feel bad breaking them. There is no noticable difference of flavors or aromas between the respective Riedels and Spiegelaus.
I'll echo mwagner's sentiments concerning Spiegelau. Because they are a fraction of the cost of the Riedels, you won't feel as bad when you break one.

While I do think it is worthwhile to own some Riedel sommelier series glasses if you have a top-notch collection, the regular Spiegelaus will work just as fine in most situations.
Originally posted by The Schoolmarm on Learn Wine:

After attending one of Riedel's fabulous demonstrations of the effect of stemware on wine, I looked around at the tables littered with glasses and asked Georg if he had a favorite, multipurpose shape that he brings on his travels. His answer? The Chianti/Zinfandel shape.

Now you know what I use at home -- though I must admit to using specific shapes when I break out top bottles of Pinot Noir, Riesling, Cab and bubbly.

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