Post your tasting notes on this wine here. Please wait until Sunday. Preferably a little later in the day.

If possible include price, food pairings or if you drank it without food, decanting info and any other information you think is interesting. I'd also be interested to hear if anyone opened a corked bottle.

Thanks for participating.

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To celebrate the fact that we are a globally and culturally diverse forum family, I propose more of a family-style approach.

Therefore, I suggest this title:

"Sit down, shut up, taste this, and tell me how you like it: Louis Bernard CdR Villages, 2000"

That way, it's geographically inclusive and offers nothing that could possibly be offensive to anybody! [Roll Eyes]

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Put that coffee down now! It's Sunday morning and time to reflect on peace and tranquility.

But, you're right, we are globally & culturally diverse group. We have Jan Luthman from the UK, several posters from Italy, some from Asia, (I don't want to leave anyone out) & more! So, how about, "Tasting around the World".

Vino Me:
This is your suggestion and it's really a great idea, but what is the schedule? Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quaterly? Who selects the wine, and what is the price limit, if any. What do you suggest?
Me the First:

Purchase price. $12.71 including tax in FLA

Wine was consumed without food. Opened and poured within 5 minutes. Glasses used, commercial burgundy glass [ bed Bath and Beyond].

Notes: Great colour, nice berry aroma. On the too sweeet side for me. Hint of oak? Has a good mouth feel, nice finish. Has a bitety taste and astrigent. Buy again, maybe not. My rating 85.

Flwino otherhalf: Color is nice. Not too sweet, but in middle range. Good aroma. taste a little bittter. Nice end to the taste, then changes after a moment toa poor aftr taste. Buy again, only for guests. her rating about a 7 on a 10 point scale.

Our guests: 2 people, good wine. Where did you get it??

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I am leaving for the night so I will go ahead and post also.


Decanted at 5:40pm yesterday and finished by 9:00pm. Drank myself

Bright red color with slight brickish edges, medium bodied. Flavors of plum, berries, apple?, oak with a gentle toasted appeal, flint, and a touch of red rasberry on the mid palate. This wine did have a fairly nice mouthfeel which led to a quick yet youthful finish. Tannins are nicely layered within the flavors. This wine was best after the first hour and held its ground until finished.

I would buy again, for it is a nice crowd pleaser.

Score 87

Edit: by the way I used my Riedel Vinum Bordeaux stemware. I use these for all my red wine consumption.

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The conditions:
Yet another cool and rainy day in Memphis, and me still recovering from a tenacious cold.

The subject:
2000 Louis Bernard CdR Villages ($10.20 after case discount), 13.0% EtOH, poured into a generic 22 oz goblet-style glass. Paired with pepperoni-onion pizza last night ... finished bottle this afternoon.

The evaluation:
I have noted minor bottle variation in this offering in the past (to myself), but bought three cases over the past two months anyway ... it is very affordable, easy drinking, and agreeable to most all tastes. Generally, a very good Q/P. It has been alternating with the 2000 Duboeuf (Morgon Jean Descombes and Moulin-a-Vent) as the closest thing(s) that I have to an 'everyday' wine at home.

Here's how this weekend's tasting struck me:

Rich ruby red color, a few long and mostly clear legs. Moderate but not fully-banaced aroma of red fruit and alcohol. The flavor is also moderate, bordering on sweet with low tannin. Good mouthfeel and mid-length finish.

I like this wine and have already stocked up on it, but I still don't see why this is a WS 91-pointer. Using the definitions that WS uses, I would have to call this about an 85-87. I could be concerned about my sensory imprecision due to my cold, but I have had it enough in the past and with consistent thoughts on it.

That was the first bottle of the night. By the third bottle [Eek!] , I was less verbose:

mmmmmmm. Red. Good. Have another one! [Big Grin]
Having to share my comments in public made me pay a little more attention to this wine than I usually do. I think that influenced my notes and I may have wound up liking it more than I might have otherwise. I also noticed I wrote more notes than I usually do. Here are my notes.

Purchased for $9.49 at Wine Discount Center in Chicago, IL. (Thanks for the tip, Vino Me).

I drank this wine without food on Saturday afternoon and have a half bottle left for tonight. The wine was drunk from round 12oz. all-purpose goblets. I allowed the wine to breathe in my glass for about 30 minutes before tasting.

Clear light red with a hint of orange on the edges. Balanced tannins and acid. Nose of chocolate, black cherry, strawberry and alcohol. Smooth when it first hits, then tannins and acid appear harmoniously. Lingering finish of strawberries, orange, and a hint of smoke on the back of my tongue. I thought this was a very pleasant wine and better than most any other under $10 wine I have had. A great deal will go back and buy more for everyday drinking. I'll give it a 89.
friday night tasting-ojeffso, mrs. and daughter.

opened 15 minutes prior to drinking. ruby color, not much legs. earthy, mineral aromas and a little red berries. muted flavors of raspberry and toast. medium body and a moderate finish. mild tannins. this seems to be a commercial style wine and what i would expect from a cote du rhone in this price range. nothing special and i would not buy again. ws91, rp?, me85, mrs.86, daughter83. paid $7.99 plus tax.
Tasted Friday night with my wife and her cousin.

Price paid: $9

Food paired with: Brown lentil pilaf with onion comfit. Very earthy mediterranean dish.

Decanted in wide bottom decanter for 45 min before drinking.

Notes: Ruby red color. Red fruit aroma with an earthy note. Red cherry flavor, not too acidic. Medium body with a fair amount of tannins on the slightly chocolatey finish. Overall a pleasant wine but definitely not worth 91p in my book. More like 87-88. Others agreed.

Extra note: I had this once before. This time I enjoyed it more. Probably a case of better food pairing, as the first time I had it with hard cheeses.
New Jersey $10 Tasted alone

Visualy unflawed. Dark Purple color. Mild nose that smells of toast and red fruit, rsaberry is most noticeable. Initially soft, fruit flavors are somewhat muted. Bitter minneral notes arive as the wine evolves. The acidic structure shows itself late in the game due to the lack fruit balance. The tannin structure is integrated and in good balance. The body is medium . The wine finnishes pleasently with only a hint of antiseptic flavor.

Had last night with mild cheeses.
8.99 Dark transluscent cranberry in color, with a soft, pleasant nose of plum, cherries, and earth with a hint of oak. Very simple on the palate, no real hint of tannin to speak of, with a touch of tartness on the short finish. There is also something else there in the aftertaste that is not overly pleasant, but I can't quite put my finger on. 83 points. Would have to do the Clos du Bois test on it, probably would not buy again. Drank from Spiegalau Grand Palais with '99 Hanna and '97 Indigo Hills (whose noses were HUGE compared to the Bernard) also in attendance. The Bernard was the only one who made it to Sunday.

Sunday night w/out food from a Silver Oak tasting glass. It has picked up a little sweet cassis on the nose, but the perception of tartness has increased on the palate. Tonight it will have to take on the '99 Hanna Alexander Valley revisited, '99 Alexander Valley Vineyards, and the control bottle of '97 Chateau Souverain Alexander Valley. Early sniffing says it may be the only one that makes it to Monday...
Paid $8/btl in NJ last week and drank it this afternoon, first without food (did not decant) and then had some more with a traditional corned beef and cabbage supper. The food pairing did nothing to enhance the flavors...
Nose: Cranberry juice cocktail -- then after a few minutes, I picked up some raspberry and maybe some strawberry, too.
Palate: Medium bodied and rather lean, it gave up a tart bend of berry flavors with a not- unpleasant mushroomy quality in the background.
Finish: A hint of vanilla maybe and no discernable tannin on a medium finish.
Score: 86 points. However, I could magine it improving a couple of points with a better food pairing -- but certainly not to the WS score of 91 points, which I think was WAY too high.
Value: Not bad, but I don't think I'll buy more than the three additional I still have. It's just not my cup of tea...
Now I can read what the other tasters have written...
OK, here I am, checking in from the great white north. I have not peeked at any of the previous posts--here are my thoughts.

Served with: Stuffed tomatoes (stuffed with hot sausage, ground turkey, onion and garlic, freshly ground nutmeg, and parsley.)

Beautiful color of inky purple, bordering on black. Herbaceous aromas materialized after about 30 minutes of open time, emphasizing rosemary and pine, with bits of thyme also. Delicious raspberry tastes, with a finish of freshly cut rosemary. Slight hints of chalk too. The wine was quite delicious on its own, but was surprisingly a bit overpowered by the spiciness of the pepper, sausage, and nutmeg in the stuffed tomatoes. I'll be finishing up tomorrow now with a Kalbi-marinated chicken breast. IMHO, a 91 is a pretty accurate score for this wine, although a #41 for the year is probably too high, and is more a function of price and availability. Still have 5 bottles left--and just got an email that a wine shop here in the Cities just got in their last allocation and are offering for $99.99/case. Their review is written to appear to be from WS, and it says best from 2004-2010. I'm almost certain the review I read in WS said "drink now through 2005" At any rate, a very nice, delicious, drinkable wine. I might go pick up a case more... Can't wait to read everyone else's review now...

Opened it up while dinner was in the oven and took an immediate sip. Found it to be harsh and antiseptic. Roasted a couple of chickens in the oven with roasted peppers and sauted onions stuffed under the skin and olive oil drizzled over the skin. After it was allowed to breathe for about an hour, the flavor opened up with raspberry overtone. It was very youthful and did not have a strong finish. Over all we both liked it and would drink it again.
Paid $9.73 at Beverages & More ($9.99 - $1.00 Club Bev discount + $0.74 tax).

Light reddish-purple color, lighter than 99% of the wine I normally drink. Poured into reidel vinum bordeaux.

Upon opening, light pure grapey gamay-like smell and taste. Reminded me of a little of fruit juice (Ocean Spray made with cranberries and Thompson seedless grape juice?). No sign of tannins at this time.

After time in the glass, body improved and became chewier, more pleasant. Grapey taste started to fade and the fruit flavors became more typical of other rhones. Smooth tannins started to appear. From 30-60 minutes in the glass, the wine showed promise as a pleasant, everyday wine.

The bottle was re-corked after pouring the first glass. A second glass was poured about an hour later. The wine was clearly going downhill fast. It became bitter and more tannic and the pleasant fruit disappeared. I gassed the bottle, but I'm sure the remaining half will end up in the drain.

Had the first glass without food and the second glass with home made pizza and pasta (shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes).

I'll give it an 82 based on the Wine Spectator Rating System:
95-100 Classic
90-94 Outstanding
85-89 Very Good
80-84 Good
70-79 Average
<70 Below Average

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Purchased for $9.50. Drank this with an early dinner of corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes and homemade Irish soda bread at my parents house. I did not decant and opened it only 15 minutes before serving.

The negociant firm who makes this wine has been in business for about 25 years and bottling wines under the Louis Bernard label since 1996 according to WS. They buy grapes from about 50 different producers in the Rhone valley to make this wine. I normally do not purchase Cotes du Rhone because of their simple nature, preferring to buy from one of the many higher quality Rhone appellations.

Deep red color. Good berry aroma. Legs were well defined like an athletes- think Katrina Witt. As was typical for a CdR this wine was mellow but smoother than most. Well rounded with a touch of spice. Slightly bitter upfront and the fruit burst on the midpalate. Medium length. Very clean. Thought it went well with the St. Patricks day meal. Don't think it is a wine to hold as WS suggests.

My Mother who can be very critical of harsh wines enjoyed this very much. I would give it an 89-90. My wife liked this wine slightly better than I did and wanted to make sure I had more bottles.

A collaboration from the King and Queen.
Paid $10.99 plus tax.
Wine was not decanted and drank over two days. Slices of Gruyere cheese entered the fray.
Crimson in color with a nose that hinted white pepper and spice so typical of Grenache. Some bell pepper involved too.
There was orange peel and the Queen thinks mustard to the taste, along with currant and casis.
The wine was thin and meek in our opinion. We tried again the second day with basically the same results. It found the drain. We definitely wouldn't buy it again. Low 80s.
Wonder if bottle variation or improper storage played a role.
Sorry for the late posting. I had to make an emergency trip to Austin to rescue my snowbird parents when they got into an accident on the way north. Everybody's okay, except the car, thank goodness. Next year I'll drive the old codgers myself rather than let them menace everyone else on I-35.

Anyway, tasted Friday night in standard glasses and also, by chance, at a dinner party Saturday night w/corned beef wellington. This falls under the "tasted twice with consistent notes" category. Dark ruby color and medium bodied. The nose was unimpressive. Some chocolate and dark berry on the midpalate. Long finish with anise, tar and smoke that stayed with you, but was neither particularly pleasant nor unpleasant.

It did beat most of the average zins that were consumed with the corned beef and, I thought, was pretty good for a Cotes du Rhone. I'd give the wine an 88. However, it was nowhere near what I would expect from a 91 point wine. I stocked up on the 98 Mont Redon Cotes du Rhone at the same price (WS 90) and it's a much better wine than this one. Price was $10.99.
Better late than never. Finally busted this open after cellaring for 2 weeks.

Purchased for $7.99 (+ 6% NJ tax) at Stirling Fine Wines.

Good ruby color, noticeable legs. Decent aroma of solid red fruits.

It all changed when this stuff hit my palate....where's the fruit? Not in this bottle.

With 20+ minutes of air, it opened a touch. Good structure, nice mouthfeel, solid tannins, but still no fruit (maybe I'm drinking too many CA wines?). It certainly lacks the punch and finish of an upper 80's wine.

I'd rate it an 85. Probably wouldn't buy it again (if I did, it would be for a BBQ for not-so-close friends).

Added comment: Mrs. Short called this wine 'flat.' Don't know what that means, but it's worth printing (typing) I suppose....
I paid $7.99 at Cost Plus.
Drank without food. Nose of berry and a hint of juniper. Decent fruit on the palate. Flavors of raspberry and strawberry, plenty of the "Rhoney" barnyard that I love, with a goodly amount of pepper and tannins. Decent finish of spice and tartness. Fairly well balanced. I think the W.S. score is a little generous. I give it 88 P.R. points.
Hey, I nearly forgot about this one... I drank one of these a few weeks ago but didn't take adequate notes (see my "how do you do it? thread). I remember it being tasty on its own but not standing up to the homemade manicotti in red sauce we had that night. i have another bottle downstairs that I'll have to take better notes on the next time around...

Just like everything else cultural, the wines come a couple months too late here in Kansas...
Am not familiar TAA points of order, but perhaps the powers that be might consider doing one for the '00 Cote du Rhone Villages Reserve ($13 at Wine Club San Francisco) that Louis Bernard just began shipping. My "source" tells me that it is a seriously "big" version of the CDR Villages that made the rounds in the Spring. I picked up a six pack of the Reserve, but have not sampled it yet.

Just a thought.

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