French stuff getting pricier?

Cali wines going up more as folks buy more domesticate?

Or the wine market is gonna come crashing down under it's own over priced mark up?

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The Canada-Europe free trade deal has been in effect for several months now and wine was supposed to be one of the products we would see lower tariffs (prices) on. So far I have not noticed that. More likely the SAQ just pockets the savings, although to be fair they usually order/buy their wines pretty far in advance.

Isn't the vast majority of bottle price provincial markup and provincial taxes? If so, lowering tariffs won't help much/at all. I need to find that LCBO markup spreadsheet again. SAQ is surely quite similar.

Not sure but when the CETA deal was being negotiated I read something that said federal tariffs on wine would be removed.

I'm concerned about the prices of my Mexican wine and my Chinese Bordeaux. If we keep up with these tariffs, the Lafite from France may end up a better buy than the Chinese bottling.

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