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Originally posted by thirsty man:
Found one of my old tailgating photos as we prepare for another season. This one will be cut short for me by our second child's arrival in November. Guess I have to enjoy while I can. Anyone else do any regular tailgating?

Titans 2008

Damn! that looks awesome... After looking at that photo, I am gonna change my handle to Hungry Man! Have to make a Sunday visit to Nashville!
BTW: did you weld that grill yourself? Is it an old water heater? I frickin love it!
Good God that looks fantastic. The Miami Dolphins have effectively ruined the gameday atmosphere with their orange carpet of celebrity owners whose songs get played constantly in the stadium during games so I have stopped going. The 60in LCD/LED, swimming pool and MUCH cheaper booze helped too. If you were there, I would come just to eat and go home. Thats man heaven in a grill you got there.

Also, congrats on the second child. Dont know if I would pick the kid over that grill but congrats anyway. Razz
Very nice!

I don't run one myself for the UT games, mainly because I'd never be able to outdo my brother-in-law (plus it's easier to just go to his and help!). Similar sized smoker, oven and cooktop where a friend/chef comes in and makes the side items, horse trailer containing three kegs of St. Arnolds Lawnmower and three of St. Arnolds Amber they provide for each home game - with taps built into the side for ease of access, 60" flat screen, and until this season industrial sized misting fans for the Texas heat. I say until this season because he has now enclosed the whole thing in multiple wedding-style tent enclosures and blows in air conditioning.

He's a mechanical engineer who loves putting stuff together so it's quite a crazy set-up.
It is a homemade grill. My cousin (the guy on the right) did the vast majority of the work and all of the welding. One of my contributions was wiring the tail light that never works....

It was a commercial waterheater, inside is all porcelin. Great for retaining/reflecting heat. Firebox on the back so all heat/smoke is indirect. The whiskey bottles are buffalo trace who has sponsored a few of our tailgates over time. If anyone is ever in Nashville for a titans game, let me know and I'll give you directions to the tailgate. Its a pretty good group - anywhere from 30-80 people per game.

The only tailgating I do is once a year when a steel company I buy from invites customers to a Bears game and they do all the grilling, then give the customers their tickets. First time we went was in December of 2006 on a butt-ass freezing cold day. It was quite an experience at the off ramp on Lake Shore Drive seeing all that smoke and smelling grilled meat at 8:00 in the morning! Beer, burgers and sausages for breakfast with temps in the teens, gotta love it. We then went to the game and saw Rex Grossman set a record for the worst passer rating in a victory - 0.7 if I recall.

Every year since, the hosting company has done early October games, which are far better weather. This year we will go against the Panthers. Hopefully Da' Bears don't allow Cam Newton to have a repeat performance off his debut.
I've never been into American sports but I'm fascinated by the American football culture. I've always wanted to go to a high school football match in Texas and go to an NFL tailgate. I don't want to drive to Buffalo to do so though, as I don't expect it to be as good as the more southern teams. Might be wrong, of course, though...I adopted the Bengals although northern, so maybe will have to try theirs...

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