The annual gathering - the third incarnation -with friends over food and wine took place over three days in August. There were some new faces this year - Ben, Anthony, g-man - and old faces that couldn't make it last year - thirstyman and xhoser.

Winedrmike described it best about the weekend: "There is a place where sports fans from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and yes.........even Cleveland, can put aside their rivalries and come together over their love of really fucking expensive wine ... There is nothing more gratifying than opening up great bottles with great people who appreciate them."

Thanks again TPE for opening up your home for to this motley crew. And thank you for everyone in making it another great weekend - the wines, the singing, and cooking! Memorable!
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Day 1 Thu - Flannery Burgers with Benton bacon, fried egg, grilled mushrooms and onions, and pepper jack cheese; DD's sticky toffee pudding
2008 Drappier Grande Sendree Champagne
2011 Huet Le Mont Vouvray
2011 Domaine des Comtes Lafon Mersault
2015 Anderson's Conn Valley Sauvignon Blanc
1999 Rene Rostaing La Bonnette Condrieu
2016 Dehlinger Pinot Noir Rose
1968 Barbi Brunello di Montalcino
1928 CUNE Gran Riserva
2009 Verite La Muse
2012 Tusk Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley (magnum)
2004 Shafer Hillside Select
2010 Shafer Hillside Select
1998 Heitz Martha's Vineyard
2007 Masseto (second bottle corked)
1991 Seavey
2009 Cayuse Impulsivo Tempranillo
2007 Arietta Variation Three The Boogie Woogie
2012 Cayuse The Widowmaker Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla
1987 Duckhorn Merlot Napa Valley
1997 Insignia (magnum)
1986 Heitz Bella Oaks (magnum)
1995 Joel Taluau St. Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Loire
Day 2 Fri - Gigabit's potato-basil frittata with smoked salmon and creme-fraiche in
the morning and Parcival's cacio e pepe before a 28-day 7-rib roast with TPE's apple sauce and root vegetables in the evening; DD's chocolate and cinnamon bread pudding
2006 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne
2015 Rudi Pichler Wosendorfer Kirchweg Smaragd Riesling
2008 Caves Jean et Sebastien Dauvissat Vaillons Vieilles Vignes
2007 Pegau Clos de Papes
1996 Chapoutier Ermitage L'Oree Blanc
2003 Chapoutier Ermitage L'Oree Blanc
1979 Chateau Beau-Sejour Becot (magnum)
2000 Philipponnat Clos des Goisses
1979 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 3L)
1987 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
1984 Diamond Creek Lake Vineyard (3L)
1984 Diamond Creek Red Rock Vineyard
1984 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow Vineyard
1987 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain (magnum)
1994 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain (magnum)
1987 Dominus
1992 Dominus
1994 Dominus (magnum)
2009 Macdonald
2010 Macdonald
2014 Macdonald
2005 Ovid (magnum)
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Day 3 Sat - Pork rib hash by g-man and potato frittata by Bill in the morning; watermelon gazpacho, corn on the cob, and paella by TPE; lamb legs and risotto by Sarbuze

1985 Dow Vintage Port
1977 Dow Vintage Port (magnum)
1990 Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Millesnaires
1995 Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Millesnaires
2014 Dauvissat-Camus La Forest
2000 SQN The Boot
2014 Beaucastel Vieilles Vignes CdP Blanc
2014 Ridge Estate Chardonnay
1999 Gilles Burguet Gevrey-Chambertin Laveaux St. Jacques (magnum)
1988 Jean Raphet et Fils Clos de la Roche Grand Cru
1978 Dubreuil-Fontaine Savigny-les-Beaune Les Vergelesses
2000 Pierre Bouree Fils Chambolle Musigny
1992 Corison Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
2011 Cayuse Armada
2014 Andremily
1989 Pegau Clos de Papes
1984 Ridge Monte Bello
1947 Mouton
1952 Nathaniel Johnston et Fils St. Emilion
1959 Calon Segur
1961 Beychevelle
1966 Leoville Las Casses
1970 Haut Brion
1989 Margaux (magnum)
2000 Margaux
1998 d'Yquem
2009 Ovid Syrah Napa Valley
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You guys are rocking it in style!

I'm interested to hear how the 07 Clos des Papes and 06 Comte Champers were, also the 79 Beau-Sejour.

Keep up the good work gents!
Amazing as usual boys. This is the first year that you guys did this before I started back to school, so I almost jumped on a flight this morning Wink Maybe next year.

Living vicariously through the notes and looking forward to seeing day 3.

Rock on!

Good job, gents! Cant wait to see what tonight has planned for you all.

At some point I'd love it if someone were to comment on the Dominuses (Domini?) and Diamond Creeks...

Keep up the good work!
Wow! Incredible, both food and wine! The wines that have peaked my interest to hear about the most are the 1967 Barbi BdM, 1999 Rene Rostaing Condrieu, 1928 CUNE, 1996 Chapoutier Blanc, 2006 Taittinger CdM and of course, the 1984 Lake Vineyard from 3 liter.
While I cannot speak for their bottle; imo, the '06 Comtes is the best since the '02 and keeps in line with the tradition of the Comtes BdB bottling of having as much resemblance to a hypothetical great sparkling white Burgundy as to a traditional Champagne
Don't want to comment yet on day 3 wines because I don't want to steal DoubleD's thunder. You'll notice that the Bordeaux are missing from days 1 and 2, and day 3 included some once in a lifetime bottles.

To elaborate on the food- day 1 dinner was a custom burger blend from Flannery that included short rib and Wagu beef. That was cooked in bacon fat along with eggs mushrooms and onions fried in bacon fat and then topped with pepper jack cheese and Benton's bacon on top of that. No gallbladder emergencies to report.

Day 2- Gigabit did an awesome potato frittata and smoked salmon with capers and dill-cream sauce. Smoked chicken wings for lunch. Aged Prime rib roast for dinner with roasted root vegetables and green beans. DD did desserts- sticky toffee pudding day 1 and bread pudding day 2.

Day 3- breakfast frittata done a different way courtesy of Windbill and g-man's red bliss hash with bacon. (Bacon was a recurring theme).
Lunch was TPE's paella, roasted corn and melon gazpacho. Dinner was leg of lamb 2 different ways, curried and rosemary/garlic and also a risotto courtesy of Sarbuze. Windbill also threw in a killer homemade salsa verde.

There were also homemade scones courtesy of Pauljr1211's better half and I'm sure There were plenty of other contributions that I apologize for omitting.

The '84 Diamond Creeks are a topic of debate. The Lake was great and the rare 3L format really made it taste vibrant and young. It was the consensus favorite. For myself and a few others, it was the Red Rock Terrace- truly outstanding with just a bit more complexity than the Lake. Don't want to take away from the Gravelly, an awesome wine in its own right.

More comments to come
I need a long flight home today to wrap my head around the experience. Will post notes tomorrow, I will just add for now that as great as the wines and food were, the people and friendships far exceed them. My chest is sore from all of the laughing over the weekend. Thanks to all that contributed to an amazing time
I knew that opening this thread was going to leave me green with envy, but I'm glad you boys did it up so well again. Hopefully next year I can rejoin!
Will echo patespo's comment and will have to think about my top wines of the weekend (honestly, how can one even make a top 10?).

Now just sitting in the lounge at SFO waiting for my JFK flight and thinking about the highlights of the weekend. The food and wine were all great, some bucket list wines, but honestly it paled in comparison to the company. It's not just a "bunch of guys who all happen to like wine". It's a gathering of 20 truly close friends, family even, who are fortunate enough to spend a few days in early August each year catching up, talking about life (even politics, not banned in Tahoe!), and sharing a lot of laughter (and some singing). Each year it is the family reunion I look forward to.

Cheers to all, and huge thanks to TPE for setting it up and opening his beautiful home to us yet again.

SD: you were missed. hope to see you soon, my friend.
SD-Wineaux: the last thing I said to Shane this morning before he left was, "when you see SD-Wineaux, please tell him he was sorely missed and we hope to see him next year."
My personal favorites:
1984 D.C. Lake
1966 Leoville Las Cases
1947 Mouton
1989 Margaux Mag
2009 MacDonald
Honorable mention:
2005 Ovid Magnum
2007 Masetto
1984 Ridge Monte Bello
1989 Pegau
1984 D.C. Red Rock Terrace
1928 CVNE
1986 Heitz Bella Oaks Mag
1959 Calon Segur
Took notes on quite a few of them and will post tomorrow
An amazing time. It is truly a humbling honor to see so many come from so far to share their company and wine. Indebted for your friendship.
As legendary as the wines were, the quality of the individuals who attended the festivities were the highlights of the weekend. To borrow from Sarbuze's eloquent statement thought, this group of gentlemen are far more than fellow wine drinking pals but are members each of our extended families.

Wines of the weekend in no particular order:

47 Mouton
66 Las Cases
09 MacDonald
10 MacDonald
05 Ovid Estate
09 Ovid Syrah
84 DC Lake
94 Dominus
89 Pegau
77 Dow
I love the camaraderie throughout the whole weekend, whether it was watching Step Brothers or creating a fantastic meal for the group or pitching in with the prep work. Wines were a bonus.

With that said, my Top 10 would be:
1984 Diamond Creek Lake Vineyard
1966 Leoville Las Cases
1999 Rene Rostaing La Bonnette Condrieu
1997 Insignia
1994 Dominus
1989 Margaux
1987 Dunn Howell Mountain
1986 Heitz Bella Oaks
2007 Masseto
2009 Macdonald

I'll edit with notes later.
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Most of the wines were 2 bottles of 750 ml, including the DC Red Rock Terrace, Leoville Las Cases. I wonder if bottle variation was responsible for some of our impressions on the wines.
Originally posted by TPEwinedrinker:
1984 D.C. Lake
1947 Mouton
1959 Calon Segur

I look forward to your notes on these wines. The Calon Segur and Mouton are in my top 10. Since the Calon Segur was an honorable mention, I'm guessing it might have been tiring, although the 1959 vintage seems incredible long-lived.
Top 5
'84 DC Lake
'84 DC Red Rock
'84 Ridge Monte Bello
'66 LLC (still can't believe the color, would've guessed it only had 10 years of age)
'09 MacDonald

Honorable Mention
'68 Barbi Brunello (one of the few people that really enjoyed this one)
'00 SQN The Boot (another that drank much younger than expected. The color, acidity, and freshness for a 17 year old white wine was great)
'87 Dunn
'94 Dunn
'47 Mouton (mostly for the wow factor)

I will also state that the '13 MacDonald that we drank Wednesday in Napa would've been on this list.
And how is there not space for the '89 Margaux!

The flights were arranged perfectly (Thanks Wine Santa Shane T!).

I was also surprised that the Dominus flight got lost between the Diamond Creek, Dunn, and MacDonald flights. I was particularly disappointed in the '92 Dominus, which I brought.

And also found out that aged Red Burgs are not my style.

Again, can't believe what a special 4 days it was.
Originally posted by TPEwinedrinker:
1959 Calon Segur

When this is an honourable mention, you know you are drinking well. Wow.
It's difficult to put last weekend into words...

From TPE's hospitality to Sarbuze & Thirstyman's culinary delights, this was another once-in-a-lifetime event. My wines of the weekend, in no particular order:

- 1989 Margaux

- 1984 DC Lake 3L (A testament to large formats, this wine showed incredibly young. Much of the group preferred the RRT, however.)

- 1966 Leoville Las Cases (That color!)

- 2009 MacDonald (I think the '10 might eclipse this one in time.)

- 1994 Dominus (I disagree with Patespo here with his '92's. I thought they were excellent, despite the '94 showing so well.)

- 1999 Rene Rostaing Condrieu La Bonnette (Who knew an 18 year old, $20 bottle of Condrieu could show this well?!)

- 1947 Mouton (This was singing after 30 min in the glass.)

- 2014 Dauvissat-Camus Chablis 1er Cru La Forest (Honestly, one of the best Chards I've ever tasted.)

- 2000 Philipponnat Champagne Brut Clos des Goisses

- 1928 C.V.N.E. Rioja Viña Real Reserva Especial (An ethereal nose on this one!)

* Honorable mentions to the rest of this whole damn lineup! Each of these wines would kill it on their own.

Possibly in the minority, I really enjoyed all of the Cayuse's as well. The '09 Ovid Syrah was another great one too.

SD-Wineaux, you were very much missed. If I promise to limit the boring podcasts, will you join us next year?!! Wink
Another fantastic get together with old and new friends. Thanks again to PB for organizing and to everyone else for their food, wine, and cooking contributions.

With that, my top few wines in no particular order:
-1966 Leoville Las Cases (this is the type of Bordeaux that has started to wean me off my all-Napa fixation)

-2009 MacDonald. I again would stand by previous claims that this represents the best of both old and world wine-making styles

-1984 Lake / Redrock Terrace: these two were both excellent. Could not choose between the two

-2014 Dauvissat-Camus Chablis 1er Cru La Forest

-1984 Ridge (I may be screwing up the year on this one, but it was Ridge and it was a big bottle!)

I enjoyed some of the oldies too - in particular the 1928 Rioja and 1947 Mouton. But, I enjoyed them more from the perspective of having the opportunity to taste such am amazing bit of wine history. It was amazing how well these two bottles held up over 6+ decades.

My only regret. . . things were pouring so fast and furious at one point that although I enjoyed each of the Dunn and Dominus wines, I didn't have enough time with each of the pours to wrap my head around what I thought of them. I finished what was in the glass of course but didn't get a chance to really process my thoughts on them

thanks again all !!
Originally posted by Shane T.:
It's difficult to put last weekend into words...

From TPE's hospitality to Sarbuze & Thirstyman's culinary delights, this was another once-in-a-lifetime event. My wines of the weekend, in no particular order:

- 1989 Margaux

- 1984 DC Lake 3L (A testament to large formats, this wine showed incredibly young. Much of the group preferred the RRT, however.)

- 1966 Leoville Las Cases (That color!)

- 2009 MacDonald (I think the '10 might eclipse this one in time.)

- 1994 Dominus (I disagree with Patespo here with his '92's. I thought they were excellent, despite the '94 showing so well.)

- 1999 Rene Rostaing Condrieu La Bonnette (Who knew an 18 year old, $20 bottle of Condrieu could show this well?!)

- 1947 Mouton (This was singing after 30 min in the glass.)

- 2014 Dauvissat-Camus Chablis 1er Cru La Forest (Honestly, one of the best Chards I've ever tasted.)

- 2000 Philipponnat Champagne Brut Clos des Goisses

- 1928 C.V.N.E. Rioja Viña Real Reserva Especial (An ethereal nose on this one!)

* Honorable mentions to the rest of this whole damn lineup! Each of these wines would kill it on their own.

Possibly in the minority, I really enjoyed all of the Cayuse's as well. The '09 Ovid Syrah was another great one too.

SD-Wineaux, you were very much missed. If I promise to limit the boring podcasts, will you join us next year?!! Wink

The '14 Dauvissat was gorgeous, right there with the SQN The Boot for white of the weekend.
Brothers, thanks for your kind words. It killed me that I had wines lined up for this weekend and couldn't share them with you. Hopefully I'll get the chance next year!

In the meantime, I'll just have to look forward to any opportunities to tip a glass with any and all of you.
Originally posted by pauljr1121:
I'll go Moonraker Dojo as my beer of Tahoe 3.0

That was my #3, a hair behind the Lawson's SoS. Great stuff & thanks for bringing it, Paul.
So, I don't even want to give a wine of the weekend list, because it is almost a disservice to the wines that were brought and the people that brought them, when you are talking about such an embarrassment of riches. I'm grateful to all those who brought their trophies from their cellars to share them with me.

Having said that, I do want to comment on some of the wines, because after all, this is the tasting note section of the forum.

Most of the guys have a sweet spot for California cab. My first love has always been Bordeaux with some bottle age. The Bordeaux wines were served in relatively rapid succession as we had a lot of wine to get to and g-man had a plane to catch. I brought the 59 calon segur and the'61 beychevelle, so I got the first taste after ringmaster ShaneT. They were single bottles so the pours were small. I thought they were both spectacular for my palate- still had plenty of fruit with tobacco,leather and all those secondary characteristics that I absolutely love in aged Bordeaux. Unfortunately, united airlines did everything in their power to make sure those bottles were well shaken, and I'm afraid that the guys sitting out on the patio which included TPE and Patespo, didn't have same experience with it as I did since they clearly had more sediment.

The '52 negotiant Bordeaux has a special place in my heart. 1952 was my parents wedding year and my dad hoarded a few '52's in the house as anniversary wines. Sadly, the bottle became mine when he passed away in 2006, and he and my mom never got to enjoy this one. '52 was not the stellar vintage of '47,'59 or '61, but The few '52's I have tried ( courtesy of dad)have been very much alive and enjoyable wines, and quite honestly, just writing about this brings a tear to my eye. Even if Nathaniel Johnston were to unload their entire cellar, it's not likely that one of these will ever emerge again. That one was the last of my '52's and thank you gentlemen for sharing it with me.

Even though the '47 Mouton wasn't my personal favorite, it was real treat to try and I hope I'm lucky enough to have it again in my lifetime.

The '66 LLC was a big positive surprise. It tasted incredibly youthful and also had all those great characteristics that I love about Bordeaux. Either Shane sourced the 2 bottles from Rudy K or his source plucked them from an absolutely pristine cellar.

The '89 Margaux was also one of my favorites- just spectacular and aging beautifully.

The '70 Haut Brion had a funky barnyard nose. After I let that sit for about 15 or 20 minutes, that nose blew off and it was enjoyable, but not up to the same level as everything else that we just had ( I brought that bottle as well).

I sampled the 2000 Margaux after Shane first opened it and loved it. Sadly, after 2 hours in decanter, the wine actually closed down and just didn't show that well when we poured 2 hours after opening. If I were to open another of these now, I would just pop and pour, otherwise,lay it down for a few years.

Some of my positive surprises of the weekend were the Dauvissat Chablis and the Dehlinger Pinot rose- a couple of the better whites/roses I've had this year.
I totally loved all of the aged burgundies- the winner there for me was the '88 Raphet Clos de la Roche- firing on all cylinders, but all were really enjoyable for me.

Speaking of honorable mentions, I would be remiss if I didn't give an honorable mention to Jorgerunfast. Even though Jorge couldn't join us, he very generously donated a number of penis- shaped party favors for our amusement and Sarbuze's pleasure.
Its really hard come up with any type of top 5 or even a top 10 list. First and foremost it was once again an honor and privilege to spend the weekend with this great group of guys. Not only renewing friendships but getting to meet Gman and Thirstyman was great. TPE is an amazing host but hopefully we can move this to a larger more neutral site next year so that he can relax and enjoy the weekend even more.

The grillmasters (sarbuze, tpe and thirstyman) killed it on the main courses while a supporting cast including DoubleD, g-man, gigabit , parcival et al provided nice complimentary dishes too. Everyone pitched in all weekend to keep things flowing and the house clean. It was a true team effort.

Some random thoughts on the wines. Having to taste so many wines in a short time and learning the value of moderation over many years I took short pours. There were many times I regretted that for a moment but the next morning was rewarded and looking back Id do it that way again.

Heitz-both wines showed extremely well particularly the Bella Oaks. I typically don’t love their wines in their youth but would be a buyer of older vintages

1991 Seavey – absolutely loved this wine which seemed to get overlooked by others so it was one of the few I was happy to re-visit. My surprise wine of the weekend.

Dominus – the 87 (I brought it ) was very nice but much softer than than the others. I don’t know whether it was the age or higher concentration of merlot but it was easily surpassed by the others. The 92 showed beautifully. However based upon the hype Ive heard as being it the best Dominus ever it was a surprise to compare it to the 94. The 94 was just miles ahead of it and the magnum disappeared almost instantly. I would have loved to re-visit it and it is a bottle I will seek out in the future.

84 Diamond Creek’s – across the board an amazing collection of wines yet unique from each other. Another wine I would be an enthusiastic buyer of if I can find it.

Chapoutier Ermitage Blanc – the 96 was oxidized and over the hill. The 03 on the other hand seemed to be much closer to its prime. If I owned these I would drink them sooner than later in their life.

Macdonald – There seems to be a ton of hype on the various wine forums over these wines. Many of you may be inclined to wonder whether they live up to the hype. Having now had the 08, 09, 10, 12, 13 and 14 vintages I have been blown away every time by every bottle. These wines are unquestionably the real deal!

Dunn – while the 87 shines every time out the 94 may be destined for similar greatness.

97 Insignia – another stunning wine that never seem to let me down

Older Bordeaux flight- simply amazing that wines this old could still be not just alive but kicking. My experience with older Bordeaux is limited. Without a frame of reference to compare them with, its hard to say more than they were both very enjoyable and clearly the most interesting wines of the weekend. The 68 Barbi and 28 CUNE fall into the same category.

84 Ridge Monte Bello – If I were to put together a top 5 this would be a very strong candidate. I was thoroughly enjoying it and would have loved to sit with it another hour but had to move on to the next wine being poured. Another wine I’m on the hunt for.

Beyond these I cant say there was a wine I didn’t enjoy. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that despite opening well over 100 bottles only had one corked bottle and one that was flawed to the point it wasn’t worth drinking.

As for the beers Im not the IPA fanatic many of the others are. I enjoy them occasionally but my favorite beer is Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout that I was glad to share with others (disclaimer: not Shane or G-Man). Smelling that beer takes me back to the days of opening my lunch bag in elementary school, it drinks like velvet and has a great finish. Should anyone find themselves in North San Diego County it would be my pleasure to take them to the brewery to enjoy a glass. With a little luck it will be served on nitro. The rest of their beers are exceptional also but this is the one that put them on the map. Distribution is growing quickly so you may see it in your local markets sometime soon. Its worth trying with an open mind.

Again just an amazing weekend shared with great guys, great wines, great food and a beautiful setting. Its humbling to have had this opportunity again.
Many thanks to TPE for hosting, as well as all the other chefs, fire builders, and wine drinkers in attendance. The surprise wine of the week was the 99 Condrieu from Rostaing. Top 5 would be
94 Dominus
09 MacDeezy
66 Las Cases
14 Beaucastel Vieilles Vignes CdP Blanc
my top 5

1988 Jean Raphet et Fils Clos de la Roche Grand Cru- lovely bouquet of fresh moist earth baked on a hot day. The palate follows through with a lovely dusty cherry note that I was quite fond of. The finish lingered with a clean red fruit note leaving me yearning for the next sip.

2000 Margaux- probably my favorite of the tasting. That awesome violet? nose mixed with hints of graphite and a touch of jasmine backed up with some forest floor. It's like you found that dark purple rose walking deep under teh canopy of a cool forest. The palate backed up the nose with a silky, mouthfilling crushed red berries, red currants that seems to last on the back of the tongue for minutes. An absolute treat.

1961 Beycheville- Dusty dried tea leaves with hints of iron shavings and leather hit you as you stick your nose in the glass. The mouthfeel gets hit with hints of dried herbs, sage to note, showing some dusty red berries giving you a tart lemon drop that salivates your mouth making the wine seem sweeter than expected. A very fun wine to drink but just starting to fade.

2009 Macdonald- A powerful nose of kirsch, blackberries mixed with a lovely floral note that you could just sit there and smell all day. The entry is full, rich and balanced. Notes of blueberries mixed with red currants fleshed out with a rich smooth dark chocolate note dashed with hints of allspice. The tannins rounds out the finish and lingers around lending weight and spice to the rich body. Bravo.

1992/1994 Dominus- A tale of two Domini! This was a toss up for me as I loved both. 92' has a more sentimental attachment but the bottle that was poured certainly showed the characteristics I love about the 92' dominus.
92- that lovely rose water and dried thyme nose blends seemlessly with hints of red fruit. The mouthfeel follows through exactly in a perfectly integrated wine that feels like it can do no wrong. The sweet aged tobacco finish ensures you should no trouble spending a night with this bottle alone.
94- A few folks knocked this wine, but i loved it. It has that classic olive tapenade mixed in with some dark fruit on the nose. The palate follows with some squid ink and blends itself with some leather, reduced blueberries following with a long mouth filling finish of sun dried currants.

There were some great honorable mentions:

1947 mouton- an absolute treat of a bottle. Lovely nose of fine aged chinese pu-er tea with touches of lavender(could of been the cooking), leather and lemon oil. The palate was surprisingly richer than i expected, showing hints of currants and woody but soft tannins fleshed out with lemon water mixed with a sugar cube. The finish was light and slightly tart.

1928 CVNE gran reserva- slightly over the hill but still holding onto that lovely nose of strawberries mixed with a touch of that dirt you get when you walk in on a western film. The palate holds on with some notes of light red berries and a very slight hint of tomatoes, reminding you that it's almost 90 years old.

1997 Insignia - I found this to be one of the most complete and drinking well napa cabs. I recalled lush mouthfeel of reduced red berries and a rich vanilla finish that lingers around the palate for ages.

1966 LLC - wow this bottle was so incredibly youthful. everything about thisbottle screams youth to me. From the fresh red currants to the hints of fresh sage to the youthful tannins that piques your attention!

1999 Gilles Burguet Gevrey-Chambertin Laveaux St. Jacques- lovely wine. not standing out in anyway, but i found myself goign back for more when my glass was empty.

2005 Ovid - I thought the phelps might have been my favorite until i had this. softer and more delicate than the phelps but dont be fooled. After the second sip that lovely napa fruit just comes in and just envelopes your palate.

2009 Cayuse Impulsivo Tempranillo- a realy fun wine to smell, but then i got drunk and couldnt remember the taste.

1977 Gould Campbell- a luscious example of a fine 1977 port. lovely baking spices on the nose. The mouthfeel gave notes of baked plums and milk chocolate that mixed with dashes of fresh cinnamon ensured you had a finish that lingered for minutes.

Just a few notes but most importantly, i'd like to echo the sentiments of everyone who went. It's been my greatest pleasure to have shared wine and food with my fellow forumites. The wit, charm, humor, even the unfortunate smells made this an incredibly memorable weekend.


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