And the selection is:

Giesen 2001 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

Now that summer is upon us, I thought a Kiwi SB would be in order. You should be able to grab this for no more than $10-12, and with a 60,000 case output, I hope that everyone should be able to snare some.

Given that the June TAA will be held the weekend of 6/21, the July TAA will take place the weekend starting 7/19.

As a note of caution, this wine has been reviewed by WS, but there has been little to no play on these boards. Please hold off on any tasting comments until the evening of 7/21. I will start a thread, and then have at it.

Happy Hunting and I am in deep deliberation over the August King/Queen.

FL folks: I hope you can get this

Happy Hunting
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Just got a bottle for $10.99 here in Louisville. The weekend of the July TAA, I will be in Italy. I will drink it before I leave and post my notes after I get back on the 24th.


follow this thread and all your questions will be answered. and get hunting for that vino.;f=2;t=001099
VM - Thanks for the heads up. I'm headed up there for a little shopping next weekend and will grab my bottle then.
There is a plethora of very good NZSB out there for under $13; I'm sure this one will be no exception. Is there really a better wine (SB) to drink in the dog days of summer? I doubt it! Excellent choice, my man!
I just wanted to bring this thread to the front page as a reminder. I also was curious as to whether this wine was obtainable in Canada, FL and other places where wines have sometimes been difficult to get. Please advise. As an aside, Mrs. Mci and I are planning on making this a shootout with the 2001 Cakebread 2001.

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