OK Folks, here it is:
July TAA Giesen 2001 SB.
Served up in 90 degree humid weather on a Sunday afternoon after Young Mci's baseball tourney game.
There is nothing better in these conditions than a good Kiwi SB, and to me, the Giesen delivers the goods. Green apple, lemon, lime and passionfruit notes are all evident with a nice smooth finish.
This wine, available widely between $8-12/ bottle is an A in the QPR game. Dave Mci scores it 90-91.
Have at it, and I hope that you enjoy this wine as much as I do.
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Right w/you buddy! About the only thing this SB lacks is a little extra acidity to give the fruit some pop. Otherwise, a very refreshing SB at a great price. Got the green apple and citrus notes, plus a slight herbal note on the finish (maybe lemongrass). Kybo goes 88-89 pts.

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Possesses the grassy, green pepper, nose that's so prevalent in NZ SB. Grapefruit, lime and oregano on the palate. Finish was a bit metallic. The colder it was, the better it tasted. IMO, this bottle was pretty average for an NZ SB, but good overall QPR for $8. 85 pts.
Been saving this up since last weekend when I accidentally got the dates mixed up [Eek!]

Extremely pale gold in color, nose typical of NZ SB – grassy, with notes of citrus and pear. Aggressive on the palate with tart acidity, bright clear fruit, and strong citrus and pear flavors. Finish is clean and medium in length, 88 points.
Bought 2 bottles for $9.99 each at Surdyk's Summer Sale.

Drank the first night (Thurs.) with Maltese-style Swordfish. Finished on Fri. fresh mussles, steamed in clam juice, a bit of the Giesen, and homemade pesto sauce.

Color best described as "ice green". Nicely complex aromas that developed over two nights. Started off with aromas of freshly cut celery, then some honeydew melon. By Fri. night, noticed both green apple and bits of bread dough. Tastewise, I noted both vegetal and fruit tastes on the medium-full body frame, but more leaned towards the vegetal. Some grapefruit, but also tarragon/black licorice. Bit of asparagus and some raw bread dough by the second night. Very fresh! If by my standards, the 2000 Cloudy Bay is the benchmark for N.Z. SB (a "95" on the MBD scale), this Giesen takes over the second spot. A very good value. Everyone knows I'm probably a high rater--but I'd still give this a very solid score of 90 and will buy a couple bottles more this week.
This was my 2nd favorite TAA wine and I have been fortunate enough to participate in all of them. This was also the least expensive of all TAA wines (at least for me). Although I did have to buy 2 bottles. I bought one for $8 which I left at my Father-in-Laws house so I ran out Sunday to buy another for the tasting.

Giesen is a family run estate which has been making wine since 1981. The soil is a silty loam over deep river gravel. This SB is unoaked and the estate claims to keep the vines to low yields. 2001 was a drought year in Marlborough which made irrigation necessary. After pressing and settling, Giesen ferments the clear juice at low temperatures in stainless steel. The wine is then blended, stabilised, filtered and bottled in rapid succession.

We drank this wine with a baked garlic cheese toast appetizer. This was a bad choice since the garlic overpowered this wine. It had an almost clear appearance. Exciting aromas of lemon and gooseberry. A fresh lively wine with intense citrus, kiwi and green apple flavors. The freshness and intensity are preserved in the rapid bottling process. Well balanced acidity with a long sharp finish. Could have used a bit more depth to get it over 90 points. I'd give it an 88-89.

Nice job Dave.


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Vino Me,

Where did you find the Giesen in Chicago? Or did you find it elsewhere? I checked a number of places, but no luck.

I've also had no luck finding the August TAA wine at the regular places. If you know where I can pick this up in Chicago, I'd like to know. Thanks in advance.

I saw the Giesen in several stores. Sams had cases of it and I think they still do. It is not in the SB aisle. It is stacked on the floor in the next aisle over. I also saw it at Binny's in Chicago today.

I have not found the August TAA yet but just started. Once again Sams is the best bet since they have a rather large South African section.

Are you serious? Only 6 TN's on this TAA wine. There has to be more members out there that have tried this wine. It is exported to Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Luxomburg, England, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Iindonesia, Thailand, Australia, almost every state in the US and Puerto Rico. In addition, the price was under $10 so there was no monetary excuse not to try this wine. It certainly isn't Dave's fault that more members have not participated. Heck even 2 former TAA pickers did not post (King of Hearts and Pinot Envy). I don't expect everyone to be able to find this wine but 6 out of 2500+ members is pitiful.

I've yet to find a TAA wine here in Ontario, which reflects not at all on the TAA pickers, but speaks volumes about pitiful selection. You understand why I've been whining so much about it.

Thanks to the good graces of Pinot Envy, I did get to participate in the June TAA, the David Bruce PN, which we very much enjoyed.
I was out of town this weekend at an ABATE bike rally, so I'm having mine tonight. I found lots of citrus fruit and tons of acidity in my bottle. Slight amount of grassy notes to this also. It has a sharp, crisp finish to it that makes it perfect for this unbearable heat we are having here. I will be buying more of this to drink through the heat wave. Too hot for red right now.
Sorry this is so late, but the weekend menu just didn't call for a Kiwi SB.

Pale green/yellow color with a medium body. Very typical SB nose, with cut grass, lemon and a hint of pear. Taste was both sweet and tart, with a decent finish that was smooth and partially herbal. Detected a hint of cilantro. What I noticed most about this wine was how much it changed (for the worse) as it warmed. Became much more bitter. Keep it well chilled and this is an 88. A fine demonstration of the varietal. If you enjoy SBs, you will like this. If you don't, this won't make you a convert.
Okay, Vino Me, here's one more TN even though I didn't open a bottle last weekend (Geisen SB '00 and '01 has been has been a staple in our household over the last 2 years or so). Earlier TNs discribe this wine very well - lots of citrus, strong but not overpowering acidity with mineral, grassy undertones. This wine has New Zealand written all over it. We've tried lots of NZ SBs recently (Allen Scott, Omaka Springs, Brancott, Nobilo, Thornbury, etc.) and Geisen consistently ranks as one of our favorites, especially when its bargain price is considered. 89 points.
Late addition but first attempt at the TAA...

Very citrusy on the nose, pleasant fruit, melon and pear, could use a bit more acid.

All in all a pleasant bottle of wine without any major flaws. Priced at $9.99 at the local Cost Plus. Worthy of drinking occasionally, especially when it's hot.

Paired with homemade king crab cakes with a veloute sauce it was a nice match but it became very sweet when I dug into the steamed artichoke! Not a big surprise huh.

Honest GA rating 87-88.

Not Cloudy Bay but less than half the price.

The first TAA wine that I've found (without looking too hard.)

Citrus, pineapple, green apple & a touch of honeydew. Plenty acidic, & a little too tart for me, but then I don't drink at lot of SB. I suspect it would taste better paired with the right food.
Not bad for the price, but not something I'd seek again.

I had the 1998 Giesen Riesling Canterbury Selection a week ago. We got together with 2 other couples and had a Polynesian dinner which I matched with 4 different wines from NZ. I gave this wine a 91-92. My TN can be found here:


Good Lord! I must be a month behind the rest of the world. finally uncorked it this week! Ha! Ok, my first impression was that I found it a little weak, but I think I served it too cold. So, I let it warm up a bit and found it delightful. I agree with all other TN's on here with a 87-88 range. I like a bit more acidity in my SB, but this will do. Now, if I can only get on the ball for August ...

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