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I have tried the '01 Switchback Pets, which has the same profile as the '01 Pride Pets, as they are basically the same wine by different producer.

I have not tried the '01 B&H Pets, although I do have two of them in my cellar, but I am not a fan of their wines of any varietal in general.

For my taste, I would bet that Pride and Switchback will come out ahead of B&H, but I can't say for sure until I crack one.

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Vista, You are right I spoke with Kelly at Switchback and she said what ever you ordered for 2000 was what you were getting for 2001. This wine is selling out very fast at retail stores but I think its also because they are only getting 1 case of each wine. Zachys has gotten a lot and they still have it but there are over charging 20 bucks per bottle.

I just got my invoice and I only got 3 of the petite. Sorry but I just can't spare one now. If I were you I might just consider the Zachys price.
It is a 96 point wine by Parker. $65.00 for anything over 95 pts isn't bad. I would rather have a few of these for $65.00 than a Plaoma Merlot for $100.00. Which is what they are selling for at auction. Confused

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