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Didn’t see this thread previously. I bought a Swiss Diamond sauté pan in 2010. It was pretty expensive back then, just under $200 IIRC. A couple of my friends who do a lot of cooking told me I was foolish, and that I would be better served buying a $25 nonstick pan, use it for a year or two, then throw it away and buy a new one. I didn’t listen to them.

The nonstick surface still works perfectly. I usually use a bit of olive oil for omelettes or fried eggs, sometimes an animal fat for sautéing meats.  There are some minor scratches, because I use metal as well as plastic and wooden utensils, but they don’t affect the performance at all. It never goes in the dishwasher, and I just wipe it out after use with a paper towel. occasionally when I have some small bits remaining after I finish cooking, I rinse with a bit of hot water and then use a paper towel to dry it right away. Its performance has been flawless over almost 13 years, and still continues.

Best nonstick pan I’ve ever had, by a long shot. I wish all my cookware was as good as this. Easily met my expectations.



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@g-man posted:

man this piece of shit..  we almost burned down the hotel trying to cook with this.

we literally spent all night fanning the smoke away from the detector from this piece of shit

and, i was charged an extra 100$ for setting off the fire alarm from this piece of shit utensil.

Huh?  You’re able to cook in a hotel room at a high enough heat to set off fire alarms?

Do you travel with a portable cupola furnace in your luggage? 🙂

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