Susana Balbo 2009 Late Harvest Malbec

I recently hosted a Wine dinner for 100 people. My theme was 100% Argentina. I spent a lot of time with my caterer to come up with authentic food from Argentina, but my two biggest challenges were
1) Sparlking wine
2) Dessert Wine
I finally did come up Susana Balbo's 2009 Late Harvest Malbec. At first I wasn't sure, because at the altitude that most of her Malbecs are grown, there really isnt a condition that would help with noble rot.
But like most of her wines, I was very happy. It was fairly complex. Hints of blueberry coated with cinnamon, cloves, tobacco and cherries. All present, but none over powering.

At 14% ABV, you couldnt classify this one as a fortified wine, yet it tasted and finished like many nice ports. It was fairly sweet, a little thin in body, but the finish was perfect.

A nice alternative to other dessert wines.
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