Anyone buy from them? I had a case delivered last week and it came in a regular cardboard box. Mad No styrofoam shipper just some packing material. They shipped it on Thursday Mad and I got it the following Wed. I don't even want to think about the temps. my babies we subjected to while spending the weekend in the back of a FedEx truck somewhere.
Needless to say, I won't be ordering from them anymore!
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Did you ask for Priority shipping (next day, 2 day etc)?

It adds to the cost, but I only accept wine by mail if I can ship get it shipped 2 day air at the lastest. This time of year, it is imperitive that you pay and get a guarantee on priority shipping.

The way they packed it is not acceptable, but faster service would limit potential damage in the future as well.
I have done business with Super Cellars on numberous occasions, and have never once had a problem. I always request that my order be shipped on a Monday, and the longest it has ever taken to arrive is that Saturday (last order was recieved on Thursday, and this is ground - coast to coast).

The packing Super Cellars uses is fine - they are cardboard wine shippers with added foam "peanuts" for added packing. The cardboard inserts are made for wine shipping, and of all my shipments from these guys I have yet to have any damage whatsoever (always ground service, from NJ to CA).

In short, they are a fine retailer with good prices and reasonable shipping when ordering a case or more.

I have no affiliation with Super Cellars, just a satisfied customer.

Once ... in the wilds of Afghanistan, I lost my corkscrew, and we were forced to live on nothing but food and water for days. - W. C. Fields
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I get probably 80% of my wine over the internet and have never had a problem with shipping. I use 2 day shipping from time to time when I'm concerned about the weather, but usually use regular ground. There's about 6 weeks in the spring and about the same in the fall when I feel the weather is appropriate for ground shipping as long as it's packaged right. If I buy in the winter or summer, I usually just ask them to hold it until the weather becomes appropriate for shipping.

I agree with your price comment. However, I don't think I should have to tell someone that's in the business of shipping wine that I want my wine shipped on a Monday. It seems obvious to me that if you ship something out on Thurs. it's destined to sit in a warehouse or truck for the weekend. I would think they would take better care of their product especially when it's not insulated.
I suppose I should take some of the responsibility for not specifying how I wanted it shipped. With so many internet merchants doing it automatically I guess I got complacent.
I've purchased from Super Cellars before, never had a problem.

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RRV, I understand you comment about having to tell the store to ship on a Monday, and I don't disagree. However it only seems prudent to ensure this by adding that request when purchasing, particulary when the wine is being shipped some distance.

I still maintain that the shipping material they use is just fine. I've not seen the report, but I have heard (from a very reliable source)that the corragated cardboard shippers actually temperature insulate wine better than the styro shippers, and I would imagine these inserts would fit into the same category.

I do miss Super Cellar's $1.49 any bottle anywhere any qty shipping policy however (they had to have lost a ton of money on that deal).

Once ... in the wilds of Afghanistan, I lost my corkscrew, and we were forced to live on nothing but food and water for days. - W. C. Fields

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