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Egypt, Oman, and the Maldives seem to be re-opening, at least for scuba diving.  I  would not hesitate to visit those places or any place in the world this year.  I have booked trips to Antarctica and Argentina this November and December.  (Total solar eclipse on December 14.)  Antarctica is looking very doubtful; cautiously optimistic about Argentina.

Umm, one of my main offices is in Cairo which I should have visited last month. They are having one hell of a time with COVID. I shut the office down temporarily. No way I would suggest a good time to visit or fly through. 

Hey there. I am planning a long road trip this summer (VA to Colorado and back), and having read iexit review, iexit app appears to be close to what I want, but I am wondering if anyone else has used it? This app seems to approach that need - it looks 100 exits ahead on the route and shows the services on each exit. Looking for any experiences, or other alternatives to this app.

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I went on a plane for the first time in a year and a half to go up to North Carolina last weekend.  The experience was fine; everyone in the airport and on the plane wore their masks.  I really had no concerns since I was fully vaccinated.

I have trips planned this summer to Rhode Island, Washington DC, and several more to North Carolina.

Already planning for a fall trip to Europe perhaps, and a winter ski vacation.

I'm ready to resume normal travel.

Not exactly Summer, but a friend and I will be returning to Louisville, KY in September to try and hit some of the bourbon distilleries that we missed last time. That will include a trip to Sparta and the Neeley Family distillery.

Through emails with the owner/operators, it appears we are distant cousins, with my side landing here from Ireland in 1733, and his in 1740. Taking those dates into account, a wild guess might be that the two brothers on my side may have gone the "7-year indentured servitude" route, and paid for the other to come over when they were done.

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