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Egypt, Oman, and the Maldives seem to be re-opening, at least for scuba diving.  I  would not hesitate to visit those places or any place in the world this year.  I have booked trips to Antarctica and Argentina this November and December.  (Total solar eclipse on December 14.)  Antarctica is looking very doubtful; cautiously optimistic about Argentina.

Umm, one of my main offices is in Cairo which I should have visited last month. They are having one hell of a time with COVID. I shut the office down temporarily. No way I would suggest a good time to visit or fly through. 

Hey there. I am planning a long road trip this summer (VA to Colorado and back), and having read iexit review, iexit app appears to be close to what I want, but I am wondering if anyone else has used it? This app seems to approach that need - it looks 100 exits ahead on the route and shows the services on each exit. Looking for any experiences, or other alternatives to this app.

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I went on a plane for the first time in a year and a half to go up to North Carolina last weekend.  The experience was fine; everyone in the airport and on the plane wore their masks.  I really had no concerns since I was fully vaccinated.

I have trips planned this summer to Rhode Island, Washington DC, and several more to North Carolina.

Already planning for a fall trip to Europe perhaps, and a winter ski vacation.

I'm ready to resume normal travel.

Not exactly Summer, but a friend and I will be returning to Louisville, KY in September to try and hit some of the bourbon distilleries that we missed last time. That will include a trip to Sparta and the Neeley Family distillery.

Through emails with the owner/operators, it appears we are distant cousins, with my side landing here from Ireland in 1733, and his in 1740. Taking those dates into account, a wild guess might be that the two brothers on my side may have gone the "7-year indentured servitude" route, and paid for the other to come over when they were done.

I was a bit slow to realise the consequencs when covid first hit, and I think I repeated that towards the end of 2020. I was quite optimistic then about international travel then but since that point things have become worse and worse.

It now seems to me that 2021 may well be a total write off as well for going anywhere outside the UK, and so I think the best we can all hope for is the chance to explore our own countries. There are still places we haven't visited here in the UK, and with the US being the size it is, I'm sure there is plenty left for Eugene to discover there, too.

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What are your plans for the upcoming holidays? Any interesting destinations? We are planning to visit few different places inside the country only. Curious what was your experience with the spirit airlines? Do you still need to wear a mask during the whole flight? This spirit airlines phone number was busy couple of times so not sure where else to call.

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