Wow!  First time back on this forum in a long time and some things have changed, and then again, some things haven't...BoardO seems to have a doppleganger...

I was hoping to get a few reco's for some good summer sippers.  Being in the Ontario market, we've got a limited selection, but if anyone has any go to summer wines (LCBO/Agent) that they could recommend I'd be greatly appreciative.

Does anyone has any insight on ComandoG 1er Cru, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  I have seen good reviews of it, but wasn't sure that I needed 12 at the tariff in ON.

Hope that everyone is doing well.



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Good to see you back JD.

I'm a big fan of the comando g wines, and a lot of wines through Cosecha for that matter.  Mangiare and I had a bottle of one of the 1er's for lunch some time back and thought it was good.  If you havent had one before - try the bruja de rosas to make sure you like the style.  If you do - speak to Sunny about Bernabeleva as well.

What are you looking for in a summer sipper?  Red/white/rose/other?

My current summer rotation has:

AJ Adams riesling (CGU)

Vajra Rosabella (Groupe Soleil)

Burlotto Pelaverga (Groupe Soleil)

Delinquente Wine Co. Weeping Juan (Bespoke)

A whole mess of Bojo (Futronic)

4Kilos Tanuki Bob (Cosecha)

Denavolo Catavela (Living Vine)

Tornatore etna bianco/rosso (NPW)

Envinate Albahra (Cosecha)

Luis Seabra anything (Le Sommelier)

I think it might be sold out, and snot sure its really 'wine' but B.C.'s A Sunday In August 'Piquette' wines are vanishing at a rate that makes me wish i bought more.

Still feel like I need a good, fresh, blaufrankish to round things out.  Might try the Meinklang.

A lot of restaruants are selling individual bottles too so look around and maybe find something you like before you go full case.




Thanks very much for the recos, this is great.  I'm primarily in search of whites and roses.

There are a few on your list that I will seek out as they looked like they are in my wheelhouse.  

Much appreciated!




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