I've decided to give my husband a gift of a bottle of a nice bottle of wine w/the birth of our first child, something we can hold onto for 10+ years. Any suggestions?

I was thinking burgundy, but he's also a huge fan of port (me, not so much).
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I'm a little confused, Marshmallow. Are you just looking for a nice bottle of wine to give your husband regardless of vintage, or are you looking for one that is a 2008 vintage?

If the former, give the group a price range and I'm sure you'll get a lot of good suggestions. If the latter, you'll need to wait a bit, since the grapes haven't been grown yet. Wink

Congratulations on the addition to the family!


Yes, congratulations! PHaze is spot on (as usual), something given in September, with the a 2008 label will be impossible, unless its a Southern Hemisphere wine (our Spring is their Fall harvest time), and even then, it'd be a wine meant for early drinking, not the 10+ years you want.

One solution might be to buy him a nice wine that was from your marriage year, or the year you first met perhaps? Someone's bound to have a good suggestion there.

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