For New Year, we are doing a take-away easy to prepare gastronomic menu and now I’m looking to combine some beverages with it, for two persons. What would you recommend? We have a fairly varied cellar (though some notable wines are lacking) and willing to be adventurous. I’ll propose my own idea but I’d definitely like to hear specific recommendations! Pictures are here: The courses are as follows (with each course divided by a line and posted as the menu is online with my additions in brackets since it is translated from Dutch)):


Lobster salad

grapefruit - fregula - apple - candied tomato - cocktail sauce


‘Cappuccino’ of ground chicory - scallops - chive cream

Toast of chicory, bacon and Reypenaer [type of cheese]


Brill [Fish, similar to Turbot] 'à la nage' with Zeeland mussels, gray shrimps and chestnut mushrooms

Foamy crustacean sauce


Crispy fried veal cheek and thymus [ also known as neck sweetbread ; veal sweetbread]

Mousselines of celeriac and parsnip - croquettes of polenta -

spring rolls of forest mushrooms - sauce of Porto


Apple pie from the oven with figs, raisins and pistachios

'Globe' of bitter chocolate with speculaas ice cream


I was thinking of starting of with a Champagne, taking that with the lobster as well. Could you suggest multiple good options in this area?

After, for the scallops and Brill I am guessing a good dry mineraly white, type Bourgogne, type Meursault, Puligny Montrachet. What do you think? Could you give other and/or more specific suggestions?

For the veal cheek, I was thinking a more powerful wine, type St Joseph, Chateauneuf du Pape or even Spanish Roda I, Pintia…

For the dessert, we are open to anything. Would Madeira be a good fit?

Again, I am open for all suggestions from your side, since I'm not 100% sure what my cellar still has and hasn't. Also, any advice on what to do with the open bottles? We are unlikely to finish all of them!

To clarify, I would like a single white wine to go with both the scallops and the brill. In that sense - what would be the best match?

Since it is just us two it will be a huge excess of wine already, opening a champagne, white and red.

I'm guessing we'll have (in total with 2) 4 glasses champagne, 4 glasses of white and 2 of red. Any good suggestions on how best to manage what is left over?

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Ok. So... drink the leftovers the next day. That’s easy. 😜


Champagne:  Blanc de Blancs. Not too oxidative. There are dozens of producers I like here, but Taittinger Comtes is a great option if the price is ok. Frankly, despite being somewhat pricey, I think it is one of the best values in Champagne. ‘06 — which is still on many shelves — is great for it, too. Pierre Peters Grand Cru BdB Cuvée de Reserve is excellent for a bit less.  I always like Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs in between those prices, and adore the Pierre Peters Chetillons I’ve had. Haven’t tried the ‘11 yet, though. But, leaving aside Selosse, Salon, and Krug CdM, there are still so many other good ones out there, too. (And I don’t even think the Selosse style would necessarily be a good pairing with your first course.)


I think especially with the bacon in your second course you’re exactly right on white Burgundy. Girardin 1er Vineyard designate Meursaults are great deals. His Corton Charlemagne is awesome. (The C-C Quintessence is sublime.)  Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey 1er Cru single vineyard St Aubins are excellent. As are his more expensive offerings. Again, I don’t know your price range so it is hard to say. A little more expensive: Comtes Lafon Meursault les Charmes. A little less: Kumeu River Chardonnay Hunting Hill. (Mate’s and even the basic Estate “Chardonnay Kumeu” are also good.)

The Porto sauce with the veal cheek (mushrooms) is slightly problematic but leaving that aside you could go red Burgundy, Cru Beaujolais, rustic Rhone (north or south), rustic Barolo. I’m sure the Roda I would be great, though Spanish wines didn’t really come to mind.  I love that wine, though. But the two specific wines coming to mind are Burlotto Monvigliero and Jamet Cote-Rotie. There are plenty of less expensive Roties that would also work. Just wouldn’t go too extracted. Same goes for the Nebbiolo. CdP just keep it more rustic. Pegau, Donjon, etc. I love Pegau. Probably you either already have appropriate red Burgundy or you don’t. But if you have access to Domaine des Lambrays CdL with a little age or Bachelet Corbeaux with a little age or de Montille 1er Cru Volnays with a little age, those are some non astronomically priced Burgs that I love. But, hey a Foillard Morgon Cote du Py would also work.  In fact, but for the Porto sauce on that mushroom side, if you were drinking a really big white Burg, you could stick with it...

A million other wines would also work. I gave specific suggestions since you asked, and guessed at your price range, but I think you were on the right track. 

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