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Two of our top executives offered to take 4 couples out to dinner to the 'Wine Room' of one of the nicer Italian restaurants in town. The invites were auctioned off to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to chairity.

I've asked around the office regarding how one should handle 'suggesting' a wine if given the opportunity, in that, should one go for the gusto and head right to the rare wine section or be more conservative and order as if it is your own money?
Its a bit of mixed bag with some people saying, just pile it on since A) these guys literally could buy the entire store out if they cared to, B) they have to expect people to push it some what (afterall its for chairity and all for fun).
or course the alternative is, you don't want to come off as a complete ass ordering $800 bottles you can't pronounce.

Since the other 3 invities are also Sr. Executives (including the CFO), I was thinking I would just kinda follow their lead since they actually know the other two and if there is any friendly ribbing involved in ordering high $$$ items, it would be best for those guys to do it. Also my knowledge of Italian wines (only type this place serves) compared to American wines, I could easily be ordering expensive wine, not worth the price. (bad for me and the hosts).

So how would you guys handle this and do you have and suggestions from their wine list

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I'd order as if I was paying for myself. I think it shows a lack of class when people get greedy, and if your bosses think the same way then you might hurt your career.

I've had a look at he wine list, but since what I know about Italian wine can be carved on the back of an aspirin with an axe I really can't help with any suggestion.
Well, this can depend on food pairing, so no fish. But, If I had to pick one:

1990 Corino Rocche Barolo. One, because I have had it and it's great. Two, it is a very good producer from a good year that is in it's window now.

Aged Barolo is a rare and terrific experience. It is the best Italy can offer, when you can get it.

It's not the MOST expensive, so the big wigs can handle it Smile. Should be beautiful right now. Their regular Barolo section is too young IMO and nothing special - stick with the "rare" choices. You won't go wrong with any 1990 Barolo from that list. You won't find these on most lists either - so take advantage.

The Giacosa Barbarescos are good bets too. Bruno Giacosa is a very reliable producer and you can go a little younger with Barbaresco. It's great with italian apps. The Brunellos are too young and average at best - nothing much there. Stay away from the Rossos and don't bother with Chianti. Go big!

I'd definitely lock into a 15 year old Barolo as my main choice - to go with the main meal. Barolo needs meaty food. Don't waste it solo.


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