Hey I've recently completed GOT series, I seriously loved it except the last season but it's ok. Can you suggest me more series like GOT available on netflix or amazon prime.


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Game of Thrones successfully made the ugly step-child of science fiction, fantasy, popular with the general public. Before GoT the most popular of the genre would be, Xena: Warrior Princess. There aren't really too many major TV productions of this genre, and none of them  with the depth of story telling and production of GoT. Another popular show, which I don't watch is, Outlander. You might want to try that.

So I'm going to recommend the greatest mini-series of all time--I, Claudius. It has much of what made GoT great: palace intrigue, sex, incest, backstabbing, murders etc.  However the production values are extremely low. It's the writing and the great acting--from the likes of Derek Jacobi, John Hurt, Siam Phillips and even Patrick Stewart--that make it special. In a medieval vein, but without the fantasy element, is The Pillars of the Earth, which is quite good.

There are lots of great shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime right now, but I can't categorize them as being like GoT.    See the Recommended Television Shows thread for ideas.

Not fantasy but I enjoyed these shows for the same reasons as GOT, Rome (HBO), Borgias (Showtime) and The Tudors (Showtime). The Tudors is available on Netflix.


+1 on Rome

I couldn't get into The Pillars of the Earth. Something about the directing just felt off to me. 

Funny, when I read this thread the first series I thought of was I, Claudius but I didn't post because I figured the OP wouldn't enjoy it because of the dated production values. Can't beat the storytelling and the cast, though.

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Just on a tangent but Derek Jocobi is fantastic and one of my top 5-6 actors. 

If you never caught this performance, you should: Frasier, where he played a hammy, over-acting Shakespearean that the brothers idolized in their youth.

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The problem with Rome is they expected more than two seasons and had to wrap it up sooner than expected. The Borgias was unfortunately also cut short.

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