Since several of us are from the Western Suburbs, I thought I would ask this question again, even though it was recently asked about the Chicago area. For me, I work literally all the time, and I am not able to receive packages where I am, so mail-order is probably out.

I have been cruising all the local stores that sell wine and have made some good purchases at Binnys, Sams Club, Sav-Way and even Trader Joes. However, I am running out of stores to hunt at. I recently joined the wine club at DiCarlos out on Kingery Hwy, but haven't had much time to look around there.

Anyone in my area want to share some of the good stores to buy some wines? I don't think I can make it down to Sams in Chicago that often so limiting it to the Western Suburbs, are there any good places I am missing out on? I have checked Costco in Naperville because everyone raves about their prices and selection and I didn't find anything I would remotely be interested in except maybe some 2001 Hanna Cab. Are there some Costcos around that have a better wine selection?

I am really trying to play catch-up on some 2000 Bordeaux and I see that Binnys has marked even the lower priced ones up about $10 a bottle. I have been shopping the sales as much as possible, but am finding pickings slim as of late. Plus I just like checking out new places with a good wine selection on lunch.

Any suggestions?

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Not too far from West Chicago or Aurora is the Wine Seller in Geneva. They're located in the basement level of the Berry Shops on Third Street.

Bob is spot on with his recommendations, and the prices are very fair.

Happy hunting.

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You left the Wine Discount Center/Famous Liqours in Lombard off your list. They are definitely worth a visit at least once a month.

I will also let you in on a secret (but don't tell anyone else). Sals Beverage World (locations in Addison and Elmhurst) still has an excellent selection of 2000 Bordeaux on the shelf for good prices (probably the best selection of any store in Chicago that I have seen).

Hey thanks. I checked out Famous Liquors and the Sav-Way in Glen Ellyn on lunch today. Picked up my last 2000 Grahams Port that I wanted to get and a couple others.

Think I'll check out the other places later on. BTW - that Sav-Way still has a few bottles of Grahams at $74 a pop if anyone in the area is interested.

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