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It seems that it is not totally clear to everybody, which is the best way to store white wine, especially when it’s Chasselas.
So the Swiss Wine Society is experimenting with a new way to store the nation’s wine.

Chassellas represents the biggest production of Swiss white wines, including brands such as Clos de Chillon and Aigle Les Murailles. Unfortunately Swiss Chasselas has a rather short storage life and partly because of this, it is not particularly sought after in other countries.

So the society have sunk 400 bottles in the Lake of Geneva in a zink container at a depth of 30 meters (100 feet) just offshore from the ancient and famous castle of Chillon near Montreux. The conditions are described as ideal due to the constant temperature of 12°C (54°F), complete darkness and high humidity.

Every year for the next 20 years 12 bottles will be taken out of the container, tasted and compared with Chasselas of the same vintage which has been stored in cellars. By this method it is hoped to find out how to increase its storage life, as Chasselas deteriorates relatively quickly.

Some German readers have commented that it reminds them of Switzerland’s never ending tax disputes and applauds this as a final act of desperation before giving up. They recommend leaving the wine right where it is in the lake. Others wonder whether they may get drunk when diving in the vicinity.
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