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As everyone seems to be quite helpful on these forums and I did not receive a response in the conversation forum I was not sure if I had posted in the wrong place so I will try here.

Posted Feb 12, 2006 10:21 PM
I am newer to wine collecting and storage and have decided to purchase a refridgerated cellar. It will be used to store inside and ideally as a piece in a room for entertaining and chatting with friends. Accordingly, I have a preference towards the wood/furniture types that work well in the house.

Currently I am looking at a Le Cache 3800 but would love if anyone had personal experience or insights with the unit. The only concern I have found so far is that it is that it may be somewhat noisy. I am also looking at a Vinotheque Advanced QT. Alternative suggestions are also welcome.

I apologise if this is a topic that has been beaten to death on these forums, but I appreciate any help so that I can have appropriate information before purchasing. Thanks in advance.

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I saw your post but didn't reply because my advice would be to spend your money on wine and use a passive cellar, but then I saw part of your reason for getting a refrigerated cellar is the visual appeal.

Some people here obsess over temperature to a degree that I find almost laughable. The simplest way to get a good temperature control in a passive cellar is to store your wine in polystyrene boxes (ps I live in a sub tropical city and have stored my wine like this for 15 years with no problems)
I have a Le Cache. I like the unit and the company was very nice. I think I got one of their first units. The company followed up after delivery to make sure everythign was ok (it was, but they were going to take the moving company to task, because the movers were supposed to unbox/setup the thing and inspect for damage, I did all that myself and there wasn't anything wrong with it).

I like the LeCache because all the bottles are supported directly (except for cramming a few in the top). My wife's primary concern was that it match our
other cherry furniture.

I appreciate your feedback. I had called them and found them to be friendly and ready to assist as well. Do you think the noise of the unit would be distracting from conversation etc. The gentleman i talked with said the cooling motor would run about 20-30% of the time. As I live in a pretty temperate climate and keep the house aruond 66 so I'm hoping it wont have to work to hard.

Thanks again for the help.
I have one of the Vinotheque cabinets with the QT cooling system. It's located in a central area of the house on tile, so noise was a very big consideration for us. I notice when the system turns on, but it's not distracting. When we have company over, I just turn off the circulating fan and it becomes very quiet. Unfortunately, I can't give you a comparison to a La Cache unit.

What I'd recommend is to find a retailer in the area who has one or the other (or both!) on hand and ask if they are set up so you can come in and look / listen to them for yourself.

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