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Port is too obvious - how about Sauternes? Hang on, that's a bit obvious as well.

As for Port you can pick up half bottles of single quinta ports from 1987 and 1988, which would go down well, without having to remortgage the holiday villa. Quinta do Vargellas from Taylor's would go well as would Bomfin from Dow and Malvedos from Graham's.

Boogaloo Dude
Should there be any left in the US, you could try a Rutherglen or Glenrowan Tokay (Buller's, Campbells, Chamber's'. Brown Bros'. or Bailey's).

In the interest of keeping the price down, I have banned export of this to the US, so there will only be a few bottles left on the shelves.

Also, with the Tokay and Stilton, try dried apricots and walnuts. It seems a bit way-out, but it works for me (a bit like slices of apple with cheese or putting jam on a cheese butty).
I believe it's a broad, round bun with a line of cheese dividing it down the middle. Big Grin

All Ports --Vintage, Tawny, Ruby, what have you-- complement a good Stilton. Something about the salt of the cheese and sweetness of the wine works magic. Other dessert wines will probably be good as well (Roquefort is a good match with Sauternes), but Ports seem to have a special affinity for this cheese.


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