Does anyone have any secrets on how they clean their stainless steel fridge, microwave, dishwasher etc. without streaking or smudging?
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MA, I bought a stainless steel spray cleaner in the supermarket that I use on my grill. I just went to check and see what it was, but the cleaning woman must have used it up. I'll have to get some more. I found it near the Windex in the store. It specifically said it was for stainless steel.
I use Weiman "stainless steel cleaner & polish." Spray it on, wipe off, and presto! Clean, gleaming stainless! It really is good.
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Weimans was a good call. It works great, so thank you!

Glad it worked for you.
I recently tried some of the stainless steel wipes they have stacked next to the cookware area in Bed,Bath,Beyond. It left terrible streaks that have been very difficult to get rid of. I do not recommend these.
I got a couple of small bottles of stainless cleaner from Kitchen-Aid and they work great. The fridge almost never needs polishing as long as I wipe with the grain and the stove/dishwasher about once every couple of weeks. The stove definitely seems to be the worst.

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