I'm gonna be in STL Thursday - Monday for my best friend's wedding and I'm looking for one or two things to do (we have a pretty tight agenda, but I'm sure I can squeeze in some time for tourism).

I figured I'd check out some cool brewery tours, or ask what other "must do" activities exist. I'm not sure I care to tour A-B, but I'd be open to smaller brewery tours, and anything else that's just really cool.

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FKG went to college there.

Ted Drewes - frozen custard is the number one attraction in St. Louis.

Forest Park is cool

Those are the highlights for me
I got this from a trade newsletter. Former AB brewmaster Florian Kuplant, who brewed Shock Top for AB, has started a St. Louis craft brewery named Urban Chestnut. Their Calypso IPA has won awards from the local press. The best seller is Zwickel, which is an unfiltered Helles.
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I still have family that lives there. Let me see if I can return the favor and get you some recs.

Thanks! I'm still waiting to hear back from my clients.
Didn't get much help, but what I got back was:

Schlafly's and The Stables

The Schlafly reviews don't look promising, but it's all centered around the terrible food.

A brief look at The Stables looked promising.

There's always the Arch! Smile

Update: One of my reputable beer drinking sources finally chimed in. He also recommended Schlafly for a tour and a beer. He also mentioned Urban Chestnut.
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