I'm gonna be in STL Thursday - Monday for my best friend's wedding and I'm looking for one or two things to do (we have a pretty tight agenda, but I'm sure I can squeeze in some time for tourism).

I figured I'd check out some cool brewery tours, or ask what other "must do" activities exist. I'm not sure I care to tour A-B, but I'd be open to smaller brewery tours, and anything else that's just really cool.

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I got this from a trade newsletter. Former AB brewmaster Florian Kuplant, who brewed Shock Top for AB, has started a St. Louis craft brewery named Urban Chestnut. Their Calypso IPA has won awards from the local press. The best seller is Zwickel, which is an unfiltered Helles.
Didn't get much help, but what I got back was:

Schlafly's and The Stables

The Schlafly reviews don't look promising, but it's all centered around the terrible food.

A brief look at The Stables looked promising.

There's always the Arch! Smile

Update: One of my reputable beer drinking sources finally chimed in. He also recommended Schlafly for a tour and a beer. He also mentioned Urban Chestnut.

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