Hmmm. It's been a while. Kendrick's was the best we found on the island. Bacchus was a close second. There are two other places whose names I don't remember but you should be able to find both of them. Located on an island in Christiansted harbor is a resort with a truly great Sunday brunch. The other place can be found from the center of the dock in the midedle of Christiansted. Look to your left a few doors. It's on the water and has a second floor patio. it's a great place for breakfast or lunch.

Do not miss the snorkeling at Buck Island. Also go to Cane Bay or many other beaches and just walk into the water a little way and you'll find loads of coral and fish. Take some bread in a plastic bag and feed the fish by hand, but don't try to feed the barracudas.
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No, it won't be a problem. You can make them when you get there. If it was Christmas week, it might be different.

Kendricks was a problem without res's, so we walked down to Bacchus, no problem!
Our favorite dining was the very authentic Savant. Highly recommended.


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