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2000 Spring Valley 'Uriah', Walla Walla Valley

I know, this was poured at the Seattle Soiree. I'm pretty sure [Roll Eyes] that I didn't get any of it, though.

I do know that it's good juice. Tyee, you even bought a few 750's I believe.

What is the going market price of this wine? The winery has it listed at $35, a wine shop that I frequent also has it for $35. Seems like a fair price for the quality, but just checking ...

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i ordered 6 bottles from the winery just this past weekend, but they aren't gonna ship until the end of sept, due to warm weather. i was glad it was only $35. a 94-pointer! a newsletter(i forget which one) tried to sell me at $39.99 when it first got it's rating, and i'm glad i waited(hey, $24 saved is almost another bottle!). even tho i have not tried it, the hype is too much for me. i'm gonna grab all i can(the winery restricted me to 6)..

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