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Originally posted by Gigond Ass:
Originally posted by wine+art:
Spo, you might want to wait until after our offline to offer thanks! Wink

One of the places I'm thinking about is where Skoshy and PURPLE went wild over the infamous HeShe . Red Face
If you guys hook him up, you can change the title of the thread to "Dallas does spo".

Damn funny GA. Big Grin
Originally posted by spo:

What are some of your favorite places in Dallas to eat, in case I want to take some family out for dinner?


Key word is Dallas. We tend to dine in the city, not in the burbs much. A few to consider including in the burbs are...

LoLa's ... Dallas
Arcodoro... Dallas
Local... Dallas
Trece... Dallas
Tramontana... Dallas
Cafe Pacific...Dallas
Little Katana...Dallas
Mirabelle... Plano
Jasper's ... Plano
Ferrari's... Addison

Just to name a few. Wink

It might be best to email me and tell me what type of food you all are looking for, then we can go from there.


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