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After being inspired by the knowledge I have gained through reading previous threads on German wines - I've decided to dive-in a little further than reislings (as if they aren't complicated enogh). Could any german experts provide me with any information regarding German "spatburgunder" Any experiences drinking the stuff or which producers should I look for when purchasing.

There were a couple of different bottles that have begun appearing in my local wine store. -- One that I purchased was Meyer-Nakel Blauschiefer 2001er Spatburgunder. (I knew nothing of the wine accept that the bottle peaked my interest and that I wanted to try it). Any info from fellow forumites would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Most german pinot noir that I have had was thin and grapey...almost like juice. It is sold in vast quantities in germany for about EUR4 a bottle.

However, some winemakers aspire to greater things. Meyer-Näkel (Ahr) have their sights aimed high, producing highly extracted, new-world style pinot noir for about EUR30-45 a bottle. They even have a Martinelli-style lable, gold on black, which is unheard of in Germany. I do not really like this style of pinot noir, but some people I know rave about their wines.

The other "high end" German pinot noir producer is Dr. Heger in Baden.

The following others have good spätburgunder reputations: Bercher (Baden), Johner (Baden), Huber (Baden), Salwey (Baden), SchneiderLingenfelder (Pfalz), Meßmer (Pfalz), Gunter Künstler (Rheingau).

I have not had any of their reds; I only know them by reputation.

If you are seriously interested in all kinds of German wines, get the Gault-Millau guide. It is only available in German, but has easy-to-understand rankings of all larger producers, including those of red wines and non-Riesling whites.

John Trombley, an American critic of German wines, discusses the influence of the guide here.

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