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We do not hit South Beach very often.

Alta Mar near Lincoln Road has very good food. Not a great wine list but corkage is not bad. I have not bene there lately, but I always liked Pacific Time.

North 110 is probably my favorite place in Dade County right now. Great food. Wine list is not bad but pricey. Corkage allowed, I think $18 or $20 per bottle though. Stems are not bad. Probably 20 minutes or so from South Beach though.

Cafe Da Vinci is Bay Harbor is a very good casual italian as is its sister restaurant Cafe Oggi. About 15 minutes from South Beach.
ok, here goes:
Night 1 - Mark's on Collins - about the 13 or 1400 block - it was in a hotel. Restaurant was downstairs. Very chic atmosphere. Good crowd by 8:00, though plenty of room. Server was outstanding. Food was outstanding and there was a good selection of wine at a number of price points. Only downside to the whole experience is that the music almost sounded like it was piped from a local pop radio station and didnt fit the mood. I'd go back.

Night 2 - Prime One Twelve - clearly one of the harder reservations to get. A week in advance might ("might") land a reservation at 11:00 for a Friday or Saturday. We ate on a Monday and it was jammed. Very nice appearance, but the tables are packed tight. I dont know how the servers survive it. Menu items were expensive, but portions are enormous. Server did a great job. I ordered a particular '01 Cal cab. The wine steward (I assume) brought a bottle, spun it over. I told him I couldnt see the vintage (it was a little dark). I asked if it was the '01. He said "no, it's the '02". (strike one...why didnt he fess up at the outset?). He assured me the vintage for that producer was fine and I told him that I was willing to be venturesome. The wine was great. I got the bill and the '02 was almost double the price of the '01. Needless to say, he neglected to mention that. Hmmmmmm.

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