South american wine

From Chile, Montes, Concha y Toro, Casa Lapostolle and Santa Rita are very consistent producers of quality wines, across several price points. Cabernets and Syrahs are what they do best, in my opinion.

From Argentina, try Malbec from Luca, Norton, Catena and Achaval-Ferrer. The Norton Malbec Riserva is consistently good and a great value - usually $14 or so in the U.S.
great stuff. thank you.

will look into these producers.

Struggling to find some serious wine enthusiasts and/ or knowledge in Bogota, and language barrier does not assist either. imported wine from non south american counties is very overpriced and disappointing. for obvious reasons.

and south american white wine producers of note?
The Chardonnays from Concha y Toro and Casa Lapostollee are pretty good. I have not had them often but recall enjoying them. Montes makes a Sauvignon Blanc that is crisp and refreshing, if a bit simple. I remember it being similar to those from New Zealand.
I agree cabs are very nice from down there. Don Melchor is one of my favorite wines but even CYT's Marques Casa Concha level wines are consitently very good wines.

I'm a big fan of carmenere myself. If done right it makes some delicious bold reds. Even the cheaper bottlings are usually very good. Seems to still be under appreciated and therefor relatively reasonably priced. Even top bottles like Clos Apalta are relative bargains compared to other regions top wines.

Tilia malbec and Conch y Toros winemakers lot are a couple good everyday wines I've been drinking lately. WL is a blend of cab, syrah
and carmenere and I like it a lot. Have found a lot of bottle variation with it though.

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