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but you don't mind roasting your nuts in private? Confused

Originally posted by mareff:
Originally posted by TBird:
they grill nuts on the street here in nyc. the smell of grilled nuts is somehow intoxicating. personally never tried them tho.

I would not want my nuts roasting on an open street especially on the streets of NYC for all to see.
A guy comes home from work at the deli. He says to his wife, "Honey, I must confess. I have this desire to stick my penis in the pickle slicer."
She says, "Oh My God...Don't do it."
Next day, he comes home and says, "I couldn't resist. I put my penis in the pickle slicer."
She shrieks, "Oh my God, what happened?"
He says, "I got fired."
She says, "That's all?"
"No" he says. "The pickle slicer....she got fired also."
Ba dum dum.

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