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I just opened a bottle of 2010 Anne Aime pinot noir and smoke came out of the bottle. Bizarre. I've never seen that happen. It's under screwcap. Some smoke continued to swirl for about 10 seconds in the neck of the bottle.

I poured a couple of glasses and it smells ok. I'll report back after tasting it when it has warmed up.

Is this something that happens and just the first time I've noticed it, or is it really weird?
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Some pressure had built up in your bottle, the sudden release allowed for adiabatic expansion and cooling of the gases = small-scale cloud formation.
When Champagne and beer bottles are opened carefully this effect is much more visible, but it can be seen also in liquor bottles sometimes.
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I'm a little disappointed a scantily clad Barbara Eden didn't appear, blinking, "Master...?"

Dude. I don't think I needed that.

Sorry, aphilla, didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. Maybe a comment better received tippin' pints at the pub.

Anyway, how was the wine?

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