Slight Mold on cork???

I recently purchased 6 bottles of 2001 Ch. Batailley. When I opened the 1st bottle I noticed that there are small chalky looking dents on the side of the top (part closest to foil) half of the cork. Tasted, then drank the wine and there was nothing wrong with it. Opened a 2nd bottle and noticed the same thing. Is it mold??? Both bottles of wine tasted perfectly fine. I had planned to save the 4 remaining ones to start drinking in about 3-5 years but was wondering if I should consume them earlier while the wine is still good. Appreciate any help on this.
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Having just read Matt Kramer's 1995 article on wine storage, I would say that given the impermeability that the cork makes when pressing against the glass, you shouldn't have to worry too much about mold on the exposed surface of the cork, assuming that this is mold.
You did not mention any evidence of leakage of wine around the edges of the cork.

The important thing is that the wine seems to be perfectly fine.

As for how long to hold it, if they are drinking very well at the moment, why wait?
There is no leakage and the cork is moist with wine 1/4 of way. The wine is good (and tasty)but I do believe that it could use a little more age. Originally planned on drinking one bottle a year until out. However considering the deal on the purchase I have no problem drinking them sooner if needs be.
Lots of corks have a little mold on top. A few drops of wine might have settled there, someone might have sneezed, who knows. It's not a big deal in most cases. In many old cellars, there is mold all over everything, including the bottles and their corks.
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surprised you are seeing mold on such a young wine. QUOTE]

As am I. Still uncertain if it is mold. In the small dents is a chalky dry substance that flakes out into a powder if you rub tip of opener on it. I do know that mold changes color and texture when it dies which is why I posted to see if anyone knew what it is and if it could shorten the aging potential of the wine. I've seen fuzzy dripping wet corks before but nothing like this. The wine has been properly stored by its original owner. Buddy of mine was making room in his shop and sold them for $25 a pop. With my current budget tend to shop fifth growthes especially at that price. Wine didn't make me sick so guess I'll wait and see what happens.

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