I'm interested in shipping wine from Italy into the US. I have some family on vacation in Italy right now and they would like to send some of the wine they've already purchased to the US, California specifically. What are the legalities of doing this? If it is legal, how much does something like this cost per case and who would you use to do the shipping?

Thanks in advance.
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Shipping to US from a foreign county really depends on your state laws. I researched for MN, and if the quantity was below 5 cases and for personal consumption, all I had to do was fill out some forms and have the wine shipped to the MN port of entry (i.e. the airport). Once the wine arrived, they notify me and I go pickup the wine.

Ultimately, I never went through with it as the cost of shipping was prohibitive.
How much wine are you talking about? Last year, we packed a case per suitcase and simply checked it through baggage. Each bottle got it's own ziplock freezer bag and some padding. We had no problems at all. Of course there is the questions that arise from customs and that is each persons decision on how to deal with it. I think the duty was less than $1/bottle. Good luck.
I recently returned from Italy after a 3 week trip. I brought 7 bottles of wine on board with me and packed the rest in my check in luggage (I believe I brought back 15 bottles total). If they have enough people/luggage, it would be beneficial for them to carry some on and pack the rest. Otherwise, it could be quite costly attempting to ship them over.

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If I were in that situation, I would wear all of the clothes that I possibly could (even if it meant wearing 3 or 4 layers of clothes) to make room for the wine.

Look at it from this view point, you should sacrifice being comfortable for one plane ride and in exchange, you will have many months of pleasure and enjoyment from the wines you were able to bring back home.
Many wines you want to ship may be cheaper to buy in the USA upon your return. Unless they are wines you just can not get here, it probably is not worth the trouble, other than a few bottles that you could carry on the plane with you. Shipping is expensive, an administrative hassle, and you can not always be sure the wines were handled properly, especially this time of year (heat damage).
Well, they ended up having wine shipped from Italy...6 cases to be exact. The charges were $12 per bottle at one winery and $14 at another. The wineries would also ship the wine that was purchased at other wineries besides theirs, if enough wine was purchased from them.

A strange note was included along with the package. It read:

To whome it may concern,
We herewith declare that the wine contained in the preesnt package is for laboratory use only and not for direct consumption.

Does anyone know why a note like this would be included with the wine?
Originally posted by RJonesUSC:
Well, they ended up having wine shipped from Italy...6 cases to be exact. The charges were $12 per bottle at one winery and $14 at another.

Ouch! I had enough people in my wedding party to have them lug back quite a few bottles in their luggage. Many of them (including me) were afraid our luggage would be overweight...only one person had this problem and had to re-pack at at check-in. He didn't think it was too funny when another party member's high heels flew out of his bags when he opened it.

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