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Originally posted by Pauly:
Shark, aka Flake is the staple if fish and chip shops across Australia.

Crumbed and deep fried is the only way I've ever had it, and it's very good like that. Shark tends to be a fairly loosely grained flesh so it doesn't stand up to grilling.


I grew up with a mom that always grilled Shark.
I've made shark a couple of times, sautéed in butter. Though it's not my first choice in fish, I like it enough to have it once in a while, but my wife doesn't like the texture at all.

I had it grilled in a restaurant last summer, with a peach and cucumber "salsa" on it, and a bottle of Cloudy Bay SB that was a very nice match.

I still remember the first time I ever had shark, years ago in a restaurant. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I remember being kind of disappointed that what they brought me didn't have a real big fin on top. Smile
Thanks all and the rest... Roll Eyes
I marinated the fillet for a few hours in soy and mango juice.
Then I grilled it on each side for a few minutes then in the oven for a few mas minutas.
I made a kind of relish with red onions, mango, garlic, brown sugar, red wine vinegar and mango juice that I simmered for maybe 20 mins.
I also made some Bhutanese red rice to go with it.
Excellent! Cool

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