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Originally posted by Parcival:

If there's a way to get the meat up to Boston (or if there was a specific delivery date that could be guaranteed in NYC), I'd seriously consider this

Mostly interested in tenderloin and pork belly though which I imagine would be in high demand

But, give me a call if you get close to a decision.

i can store half a hog in my freezer after I smoke a few hunks this coming labor day weekend.

but yea whoel hog i can't do so my question.

i'm not fully sure about boar. boar is really $$$ for something i'm going to cure, might also be too lean that it may dry out, but i coudl be wrong
Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
I talked with one of my sources and it shouldn't be a huge deal to get it and split it. Price would be $4-$4.50 hanging weight. I haven't asked about innards yet, usually those are not included but I imagine we'd want them?

normally i'd say yes

but it depends on shipping weight/cost

stomach lining/ intestines are still 1$/lb here in ny so might nto be worthwhile.

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